A New Wave of Hip-Hop Breaking Shore: Slo Moshion

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A New Wave of Hip-Hop Breaking Shore: Slo Moshion

August 10
03:16 2020

Hip-Hop culture building up its arsenal with yet another artist rising over the horizon.

Music is a beautiful combination of vocal or instrumental sound or both to generate a beautiful art form and expression of emotion. It makes you feel better and makes you calm. It makes your mood cheerful and helps you to relax. Music has so far become a way of expressing our feelings and emotions.

You need to put in lots of efforts to become successful. It is more applicable to those artists in the music industry. Technology is growing day by day and many music artists are popping up from every corner of the world. During such times, it is very necessary to stay relevant to listeners by constantly investing music styles, vibes, and perspectives. The audience is always looking for something new and variant music. They are looking for unique and original musicians. In that context, Slo Moshion is moving up the ranks.

About Slo Moshion:

Hailing from the Bronx borough of New York City, Slo Moshion is an artist, a producer, a label, and a businessman. He identifies with the genres of modern, traditional, contemporary, and alternative hip-hop/ rap genre music. He underwent his musical metamorphosis right in the lap of hip-hop music and aims to leave his own take on it.

Slo Moshion has recently released 2 new songs back to back, one on 20 July 2020 while the other 21 July 2020. 

With the recent release of his album “The People’s Party EP”, it looks to be coming to fruition and fast. The People’s party EP now has 5 new songs on it and 2 music videos.

Every new dawn brings with itself a slew of new musicians and new music from myriad genres. Here to place his stake in the active and assertive industry is Slo Moshion with his album. You can listen to his music right here. You can also find him on social media on the following platforms:

Twitter: @SloMoshion

Instagram: @SloMoshion

YouTube: Slo Moshion

He is also on Spotify! So go give his album a listen, follow him and his musical ascent, and add him to your playlist.

Media Contact
Company Name: The People’s Party
Contact Person: SloMoshion
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: http://www.instagram.com/SloMoshion