Next Generation, IoT-Enabled EcoStruxure Power Platform Delivers Enhanced Efficiency, Resiliency, and Digitization for Facility Electrical Distribution

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Next Generation, IoT-Enabled EcoStruxure Power Platform Delivers Enhanced Efficiency, Resiliency, and Digitization for Facility Electrical Distribution

August 06
19:36 2020
Next Generation, IoT-Enabled EcoStruxure Power Platform Delivers Enhanced Efficiency, Resiliency, and Digitization for Facility Electrical Distribution

Schneider Electric – the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation
Powerful new tools help companies easily navigate the digital space in an unpredictable world

BOSTON – August 6, 2020 – Schneider Electric the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, introduces the next evolution in EcoStruxure™ Power, an IoT-enabled platform that digitizes, optimizes and simplifies electrical distribution systems to make them smarter, faster, safer and more resilient. This third generation of EcoStruxure Power provides real-time transparency into actionable data that can better protect people and equipment, increase operational efficiency and strengthen network reliability.

As the world becomes more digitized and electrified, the significant benefits of digitization are more apparent. From improved power reliability via increased resilience and electrical asset management to enhanced electrical safety, EcoStruxure Power takes digitization of power distribution to the next level, reducing energy usage and costs substantially, and improving sustainability and compliance. This newest version of EcoStruxure Power also reinforces cybersecurity significantly, through strengthened resistance to cyber threats.

With an estimated 30 billion connected devices currently in service and eight times more connected devices than people projected by 2025, the need to harness the power of digitization is greater than ever. Yet, up to 80% of data captured from IoT devices remains untapped and underutilized. In addition, power outages cost the U.S. economy approximately $110 billion a year in lost power and productivity, prioritizing reliability and resilience as critical business strategies.

As the best-in-class digital electrical distribution system with real-time transparency, EcoStruxure Power provides an on-site solution for companies at a time when remote monitoring, managing and optimizing operational efficiency and network reliability are critical.

“EcoStruxure Power was originally conceived in response to our customers’ requirements for a fully digitized power distribution system, providing valuable energy and power usage insights as well as enhanced resiliency,” said Mark Nolan, Director Offer and Strategy, Digital Power, Schneider Electric. “This latest evolution demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the most robust digital ecosystem on the market today, one that takes power distribution efficiency, reliability and safety to their next evolution.”

Today’s smart buildings require integration across systems with access to IoT devices and data. EcoStruxure Power is an open and secure IoT platform, integrating multiple software applications, connected products, digital services and other components in a comprehensive, digital system.  EcoStruxure Power facilitates capturing live data along with critical information from electrical distribution equipment and connected assets, such as breakers, panelboards, switchboards and meters. Connected products, such as the Easergy line of protection relays with built-in arc flash protection provide a higher degree of electrical safety while power meters like the ION9000 provide a new level of data accuracy and power monitoring.

Data from connected assets is collected, analyzed and converted into important and meaningful insights with EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, an award-winning power and energy management software that provides intelligent analytics to identify power quality issues, target energy efficiency improvements, optimize equipment performance and more. Facility managers can manage asset performance, day-to day operations and safety, and help anticipate maintenance. Financial and operational efficiency and performance are improved while unplanned outages and downtime are minimized.

Digital Services, such as EcoStruxure Power Advisor, enable facilities short on time and labor to optimize their system through the support of dedicated experts who remotely manage their power system. Providing in-depth reports and analysis, as well as identification of potential issues, they optimize the performance and health of the electrical network.

In today’s world, it’s imperative that critical data be captured, secured and optimized anytime from anywhere. Even during a global pandemic or natural disaster, EcoStruxure Power provides the ability to remotely monitor and manage a power system even if large segments of the workforce are unable to be physically present on site.

The ability to effectively manage an operation’s electrical power can make all the difference in the productivity, efficiency and profitability of a business. Reduced energy costs, improved operational efficiency, greater network resiliency, condition-based equipment maintenance and replacement, equipment longevity and improved cybersecurity can all be realized with EcoStruxure Power.

Learn more at www.se.com/us/powerandenergy.

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