A Septic System Treatment That Truly Works And it’s Not a Bacteria

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A Septic System Treatment That Truly Works And it’s Not a Bacteria

August 10
03:20 2020
A Septic System Treatment That Truly Works And it's Not a Bacteria

Accelerator by Dr. Pooper is a new septic treatment that clears organic solids really fast
Dr. Pooper Enterprise is a new company that has created a solution for an age-old problem – cleaning up and clearing septic waste.

A new company whose name proves the owners aren’t afraid to have a little fun has developed a seriously effective method for solving an age-old problem — cleaning up poop. More specifically, their product new product — Accelerator — clears septic systems of organic solids (*ahem, feces) within days. 

The name of the company? Dr. Pooper. 

Unlike most septic treatment products, Accelerator by Dr. Pooper is not a bacteria additive or enzyme. It is a patent-pending, all-natural formula that “invigorates the reproduction and actitivity of bacteria by 10 to 40 times” its normal rate, depending on the environment and state of the septic system. In other words, Accelerator makes bacteria already in the septic multiple like crazy and then the army of bacteria eats more than usual.  

Does it work? The folks at Dr. Pooper stand behind it with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They say it will clear most septic tank issues — even clogged systems — within 7 or 8 days and even really tough ones should clear up with 2 weeks. 

The biggest benefit of the product is the huge cost savings. Having a clogged septic tank pumped can cost $350 and even into the $500’s for residential systems. A bottle of Accelerator is currently priced at $39.97 so the savings are significant. Additionally, it is easier. You simply flush it into the system via any toilet instead of having someone tear up your yard to open up your septic system. Plus, it eliminates septic odors which is a nice benefit. 

Accelerator is currently available exclusively at DoctorPooper.com. The recommended dose to fox clogged systems is one ounce daily for six days. For generaly maintenance to keep your septic system running smoothly, they recommend one ounce weekly. 

Accelerator works for residential and commercial septic systems as well as RV’s and even portable toilets. In larger amounts, the product has proven effective for cleaning up ag lagoons and municipal septic systems, clearing the solids and dramatically increasing the capacity of the systems. 

Dr. Pooper does have more products in the works, including products for other industries, and is also looking into how they can help developing countries whose sewage and septic problem are significant health issues for the people. 

Learn more about the product and see customer testimonials and FAQ’s at DoctorPooper.com

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