Like We Are Music is here to Capture Everyone’s Hearts

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Like We Are Music is here to Capture Everyone’s Hearts

August 10
07:32 2020

Music is an amazing and soothing combination of vocal or instrumental sound or both to generate a beautiful art form and expression of emotion. It makes you feel better and makes you calm. It makes your mood cheerful and excites you. Music has so far become a unique way of expressing our feelings and emotions.

You need to put in lots of efforts to become successful. It is more applicable to the artists who are in the music industry. Technology is enhancing day by day and many music artists are popping up from every corner of the world. At such times, it is very necessary to stay relevant to listeners by constantly investing music styles, vibes, and perspectives. 

The audience is always looking for something new and variant music. They are looking for unique and original musicians. In that context Like We Are is a brand that is growing and capturing our hearts. Their latest album “Even If We Die” (2020) is grabbing everyone’s attention towards them. 

About Like We Are

Like We Are is an alternative rock band from Vorarlberg, Western Austria. The band was founded in 2016. The band has been through a long and meticulous three years of preparations. They worked on the sounds, technology, stage show, crew, and also went through many rehearsals. Like We Are wants to carry everything out and prove their high quality and believe that they will. You can see the uniqueness in their music and the efforts they have taken in their songs. You can find out the smoothness in the music and the perfect sound effects. They have surely made the best use of the technology and especially their skills. Their perfection makes them look like an expert.

Musicians at Like We Are

You can see the efforts of the five musicians in the band Like We Are. The credit for the smooth, soulful and appealing vocals goes to Andreas Schmid. The guitarists Thomas Matzer and Lukas Neyer add a living effect in the songs. We can observe how the bass player Kevin Malcher takes care of all the low frequency notes perfectly. Mathias Hofer plays drums and encourages you to step on the floor.

Like We Are Albums

The album has over hundred monthly users on Spotify. Adam Kargl, Andreas Schmid, Mathias Hofer, and Thomas Matzer write their album “Drown” released in 2020. The song has over thousand streams on Spotify. 

Adam Kargl, Andreas Schmid, Mathias Hofer, and Thomas Matzer wrote the latest release “Even If We Die” – 2020. If observed on Spotify, it has nearly a thousand streams.

The self-made six-song EP “This Is” is available in December 2020. The name shows the self-confidence and the will that the five musicians prove repeatedly.

Reach Like We Are At:

Record Label: Inked owl e.U.
Website: like-we-are.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/like_we_are/?hl=de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likewearemusic/
Messenger: m.me/likewearemusic

Media Contact
Company Name: Inked Owl e.U.
Contact Person: Mathias Hofer
Email: Send Email
Country: Austria
Website: like-we-are.com