BondApp Brings Networking Back into Real-Time

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BondApp Brings Networking Back into Real-Time

August 10
11:10 2020

Since the invention of the internet, we’ve been meeting people virtually long before we’ve ever seen them in the flesh for several reasons. While this has made it possible to find someone even if you’re shy or have a busy life or work schedule, it has also made us more isolated. 

Now, we only head out the house if we have a good reason to do so. We’re either going to an event, such as a gig or a friend’s birthday, and not thinking about expanding our friends or network as it could be difficult to find a way stepping out of our comfort zone.

BondApp is here to change that. BondApp is an app that marries the traditional way of meeting individuals with the ease of using a user-friendly app. Jamal Taleb developed the concept after coming across several road blocks at the airport terminals, restaurants and convention centers.

BondApp makes it possible to head out to a local venue, restaurant, exhibition centers, and find other Bondians (BondApp users) to connect with. As soon as you enter a Hotspot or are within 200 feet of another Bondian, you’ll be able to ping them to connect. If they accept, you can suggest you meet up for a drink or to discuss your mutual interests. 

It’s low pressure, it’s natural, but it breaks the ice so you can meet someone confidently without the worry of rejection. 

The other major benefit of BondApp is that it eliminates the worry that you’re being scammed or catfished by another user. You can only reach out to them if they’re local, and if you’re at a hotspot, you can literally look across the bar to see if they are who they say they are. If they are and you like what you’ve seen, you can ask to meet up. If not, you can walk away. There’s no awkward surprises as the person who walks up to you looks absolutely nothing like their doctored photos! 

The founder of BondApp, Jamal Taleb, also wanted to introduce the safety feature that would entice people to connect with confidence. He knew he could make it easier to find out if someone was interested to connect without causing any uncomfortable situations.

The name BondApp reflects the idea that the app helps people to bond and establish a safe connection. That relationship doesn’t have to be just for professional, friendship, dating purposes. With COVID-19 still limiting our movements, we have come to realize what an important part human interaction plays in our lives. It seems without conversation, sharing and friendship living a happy and fulfilled life is pretty much impossible.

From that point of view, BondApp also helps people by removing the barriers to talking to other people and meeting new people, effectively preventing the danger of feeling isolated. A feeling of “all in this together” will be one of the ways that humanity gets through the pandemic and begins to heal. If one good thing comes from COVID-19, it’s that we understand and value our relationships more than we did before.

The best thing about BondApp is you can use it on the fly – head out for after work drinks and decide you want to stay out? No problem, open the app and see who’s also up to meet you. You can use BondApp as your sole social app or as your wingman whenever you’re heading out for the night. 

If you’re interested in networking on the spot, download BondApp to your phone or head to www.bond.app to explore the app for yourself today.

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