Make Texas Solar Shows How Solar Saves Money, The Environment, & Boosts Property Values In Texas.

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Make Texas Solar Shows How Solar Saves Money, The Environment, & Boosts Property Values In Texas.

October 20
04:54 2020
Make Texas Solar Shows How Solar Saves Money, The Environment, & Boosts Property Values In Texas.
Solar can boost the value of your home while also providing clean energy at affordable prices.

By now, you’ve for sure seen signs, vans, or polo-wearing salespeople proclaiming the benefits of solar home systems. Maybe your next-door-neighbor just installed half a dozen panels on his roof. Or perhaps you’ve heard friends discussing government tax incentives for switching to solar. Whatever your familiarity level with solar might be, the million-dollar question always seems to be “is solar really worth it?”.

Solar Home Systems Save You Money

Solar home systems can help save you significant amounts of money in two main ways — by reducing your monthly electricity bill and also by protecting you against rising utilities rates in the future. In order to understand how that works, it’s important to have a grasp on the basics of solar home systems.

Financing Your Solar Panels

If that hefty upfront cost still has you worried — it shouldn’t! Think about it this way: a monthly electricity bill of $100 would cost you $1200 annually. Over the course of 25 years (the average warrantied lifespan of today’s solar panels), that’s $30,000. Even if your system and all of the installation and maintenance for it totals $15,000 (a total cost far above the average), you’d still be saving at least double that amount over the next three decades. It is also important to take into account that electricity rates fluctuate frequently and are set to increase (albeit gradually) for the foreseeable future. Installing solar allows you to fix your monthly energy rate, in turn helping you to completely sidestep utility inflation. Installing solar in the near future could quite literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Solar Home Systems are Good for the Environment

It seems like a no-brainer: using solar energy to power your home is cleaner and more sustainable than the electricity produced from nonrenewable sources like fossil fuels. And, ultimately, that’s the truth. Yet recent discussion on the possible repercussions of mass-producing solar panels has confused many.

Most of the environmental concerns surrounding solar panels come from the chemically intensive process of manufacturing the panels themselves.

Although perhaps initially confusing, these environmental concerns are valid — it is their goal to highlight the gap between low environmental impact and no environmental impact. Ultimately, there still is an environmental cost when using solar. Choosing solar over traditional sources of electricity is definitely a cleaner, more sustainable option. Among the energy options we have currently at our disposal, solar is unquestionably the more environmentally responsible energy choice.

The Consensus

Whether you’re more concerned with saving dollars or the saving environment, investing in solar now will pay big dividends in your future. Take a step in the right direction, financially and morally, by switching to a solar home system in the near future. The data speaks for itself—why wait any longer? Make Texas Solar is ready to guide you through the process whenever you are ready with free $0 down quotes that include a visualization of your home with solar panels on it.

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