Diamonds and the 4C’s – How to pick the perfect engagement ring

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Diamonds and the 4C’s – How to pick the perfect engagement ring

October 21
09:55 2020
Diamonds and the 4C's - How to pick the perfect engagement ring

Master Gemologist and Custom Diamond jewelers.
The basic guide to diamond education & engagements rings in Los Angeles

Raiman Rocks engagement ring guide will give you the knowledge to make the best decision when buying an engagement ring in Los Angles.

Diamonds are evaluated by the 4 C’s which are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color:

CARAT – The carat is the weight of a stone. Diamonds are weighed in metric carats, and one carat equals 0.2 grams. Each carat has 100 points. Most diamonds used in fine jewelry are one carat or less, however, Raiman Rocks specializes in large diamonds and are known as experts in the large diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles.

CUT – Many people think the “cut” refers to the stone’s shape, such as whether it’s square or round. But the cut actually has to do with the diamond’s proportions, polish, symmetry and how the facets are arranged on the stone. Gall Raiman, the company’s owner believes cut to be the most important of the four “Cs,” the brilliance, scintillation and sparkle of a diamond depends mostly on how well it was cut. “The magic is in the make” Raiman Said.

CLARITY – Born from deep within the earth, nearly all-natural diamonds usually have external blemishes or internal inclusions. Including scratches, dirt, random debris, air bubbles, cracks and chips, these imperfections often lower the value of diamonds. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and pricey.

COLOR – The majority of diamonds are rated by the absence of color; the clearest diamonds have the highest worth. Exceptions are made for fancy-colored diamonds, like green, pink or yellow, which are evaluated outside this system for their intensity and evenness of color. Ranging from “D” (completely colorless) to “Z” (almost colorless); the closer a stone is to “D” the rarer and more expensive it is. As colored Diamonds are a trendier choice for engagement rings in Los Angles, Raiman Rocks have become the expert and main source for people as well as celebrities who seek colored diamonds as their engagement rings.

CERTIFICATE – When in the market for an engagement ring in Los Angeles, most shoppers are aware of the four C’s: cut, clarity, carat weight and color. But many shoppers are less aware of what could be classified as the 5th C: Certification. A Diamond certificate is a scientific evaluation of the four C’s, of an individual rock. It is different from an appraisal, which is simply an evaluation of the monetary value of the diamond. Certification is performed by independent, accredited 3rd party agencies. At Raiman Rocks we prefer to sell diamonds that have a Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Certificate, which is the global most distinguished laboratory.

SETTING – When looking for a setting for engagement rings in Los Angeles, there are various styles of settings which can correspond to different stone shapes and ring types. Each has its unique advantages and all work to enhance the beauty of the stones they contain. It all depends on the personal preference of metal color (Yellow, white, Rose) and desired look.

FREE CONSULTATION – When shopping for engagement rings in Los Angeles, Raiman Rocks offers free consultation. Whether you are looking to buy a colorless diamond or a trendy fancy color diamonds, a large rock or a dainty smaller diamond, “We have the best selection and can find the perfect diamond for any budget” says Gall Raiman, the company’s owner. “As a private diamond concierge, we work with each client on a personal basis and give them the time and knowledge they need to purchase the best diamond engagement ring”.

Gall added, “Give us a call, we are here to serve you”. Contact: 818-224-2222

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