Medical Detox Facility Defies Pandemic Trend

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Medical Detox Facility Defies Pandemic Trend

October 21
12:38 2020

As mental health services in Canada shrink due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an Ontario medical detox facility has issued a statement to reassure people who need them that they are open for business.

Bosses at Medical Detox Ontario have said their doors will stay open and their facilities are there to help people with drug and alcohol addiction.

The center, which is on the same site and the 1000 Islands Wellness and Treatment Center, is a residential medical detox clinic that offers 24/7 care to people who want to safely stop taking marijuana, opioid drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol.

A spokesman for the facility said: “At this time it is really sad to see many facilities closing down and it is all due to funding restrictions linked to COVID-19. We have been helping people who have addictions for many years and we wanted to make sure people knew we were open for business and we were here and ready to help.

“Coming off drugs or alcohol is so difficult and dangerous to do alone, so our medical detox facility is a vital service that helps to save lives.

Medical Detox Ontario looks after clients from across Canada and North America. It is just three hours from Toronto, two hours from Montreal and 1.5 hours from Ottawa.

A team of highly qualified doctors and nurses work with clients to keep them safe and comfortable during the detox phase of their recovery. The detox takes different amounts of time dependent on the drug a person is detoxing from. Some may take a couple of days, others it might take a few weeks.

The symptoms are different from person to person and drug to drug, but they can include nausea and sickness, hot and cold flashes, mood swings, excessive sweating, agitation and irritability, muscle cramps, hallucinations, fatigue, psychotic episodes, thoughts of self harm, insomnia and anxiety.

The spokesman from Medical Detox Ontario added: “It is often the symptoms of a detox that put people off from starting the process of giving up the drugs. There is no escaping that is will be tough, but by doing it in a professional clinic with a team of experienced experts, it will make the process a lot easier. The team will ensure people are kept safe and their symptoms are managed well. They may use a specialist withdrawal medication program to help patients come through the worst of the symptoms.

“The medical detox is the hardest part for most people. But it is no means over at the point that this is complete. The medical detox is just the first step in the recovery program,” he added.

About Medical Detox Ontario

Medical Detox Ontario is based in the 1000 Islands region of the province. The center provides licensed medical supervision for people looking to undertake the first part of their drug or alcohol recovery program – a medical detox – in a safe and controlled environment.

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