Wealth 212° Offers Comprehensive Assistance For House Flippers

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Wealth 212° Offers Comprehensive Assistance For House Flippers

October 21
18:21 2020
Wealth 212° Offers Comprehensive Assistance For House Flippers
Wealth 212° is a leading prop-tech company, providing a full range of solutions and resources, and specializing in funding. This can either be direct or brokered depending on the quality of the deal. And in case of brokered deals, they don’t take a commission!

Statistics show that hundreds of millions of dollars in homes are flipped each year, specifically non-primary residential properties Catering to both professional and amateur, or “hobby,” flippers, Wealth 212° provides what is needed to achieve and exceed real estate goals with time-tested, proven resources.

The main program offered by Wealth 212° is their Keystone Funding Network The power of their funding comes from one of the most extensive networks of lenders in the country Thousands of private and traditional lenders are standing by with offers in case Wealth 212° and their client decide to not direct-fund But real estate success is about more than just money, or else everyone with money would be involved in this most lucrative of all businesses As they say at Wealth 212°: “Real estate is as difficult as it is lucrative. If it was easy it wouldn’t be lucrative.”

Early 2020 Wealth 212° made a massive shift from a specific, limited type of property to now funding deals with relatively low profit margins The company is also expanding fast in the prop-tech market, keeping pace with high tech real estate trends of multi billion dollar companies such as Zillow and Opendoor Wealth 212° introduced new programs, one that guides clients through funding options, another to help them prep their deals for funding conversations. They also launched a profit calculator, widely used by real estate entrepreneurs of all kinds like investors, coaches, brokers, agents, appraisers and others Early October 2020 they even launched an all inclusive “Wealth212” app, free for a limited time on both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

As with most businesses, connections are essential in real estate. And as they say, membership has benefits. Real estate Clubs and organizations provide members with essential information and a place where those who have can connect with those who need. Keystone Funding Network operates the same, but instead of merely local, their network extends nationwide. This increases chances for funding and finding like-minded people.

How it works is relatively simple. Members find deals, and contract them using Wealth 212°’s Proof Of Funding Document. The company has extensive step by step guides to ensure mistakes are minimized. Next the member sends deal info including comps research to the company for an initial review. Again, set by step guides explain how to get accurate comps. If the review shows problems, the member will get detailed suggestions on how to fix the deal and get lender’s attention. If it is accepted, the member secures three bids and a BPO. And that’s it! Depending primarily on the amount of profit, members might get an offer from the company to partner and split profit, or to find traditional funding with the team helping secure funds at no charge or commission.

What makes wealth 212° unique is the hands on “let’s succeed together” team approach to working with members. Furthermore, unique to Wealth 212° is a vast amount of available resources, including financial and intellectual, and essential tools. Beginners and professionals alike will find that the teams at Wealth 212° can challenge them and assist them. The teams include legal, accounting, realtors, brokers, investors, and even ex-coaches These coach-educators created the free-for-members programs, the very same programs like the ones they created for TV personalities who sold them for tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas seminars and bus tours. But the ones they created for Wealth 212° are of course updated with the newest tips and tricks of the trade!

Asset based lending, one of the available options for members, means credit, cash and experience are not required But even their traditional funding has an asset based feel to it, with the experts at Wealth 212 going above and beyond in assisting members to supplement what they do not have by matching them up with someone who does. For example, someone with bad credit is paired with someone with good credit. The company philosophy is that “if there is real money in a deal, someone is interested.”

“Wealth 212° – Get Started, Get Doing,” said the team at Wealth 212. Anyone who is interested in using home rehab as a way to earn income, create retirement, get that new boat or just loves it as a hobby, there is no better time to get started than today.

More information can be found at https://wealth212.com.

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Wealth 212 assists those looking to flip real estate with funding and insight into the market.

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