The 360 Degree Camera in the New AI HUDDLE PANA

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The 360 Degree Camera in the New AI HUDDLE PANA

October 21
19:54 2020

With video conferencing technology, users can hold face-to-face meetings in real-time across different locations. This allows businesses to cut expenses, and hassles associated with business travel. Nowadays video conferencing is widely used for many different purpose, including holding routine company meetings, job training sessions, or addressing board members. Companies with multiple offices might establish direct video communications among their locations in order to allow their teams to work more collaboratively. In education, video conferencing can be used to connect a traditional classroom with students who are taking the class remotely.

Challenges in having a good video conferencing

With a traditional video-conference meeting setup, most of these challenges are centred on these two core areas:

Audio – Poor audio output (Speakers), poor audio input (Microphones), background noise, etc.

Visual – Here we are talking about poor Imagery or blurry images, limited point of view, undue space encroachment.

In this post, the attention will be focused basically on the visual:

– A poor visual display in virtual meetings can make virtual meetings boring.

– It distracts the party’s involved.

– It can halt the flow of communication.

– One may lose prospective clients with poor visual impression.

However, the good news is that with the amazing Coolpo AI Huddle PANA, powered by Meeting Flex™ system, which is compatible with most popular conferencing software, such as Zoom, CISCO, WebEx, etc. and typically used to transmit the communication over Internet protocols, you can be sure of a smooth video collaboration.

Here’s why you really need the 360° Camera integrated in the AI HUDDLE PANA Solution

• With a 360° 4K HD lens, one is able to share a full view of the environment and the participants.

• Also, the integration of face detection, human shape detection, motion detection, and sound source tracking at the same time to achieve the zoom function and person tracking instead of relying on sound positioning only.

• Space saving. With three devices (camera, speaker and microphone) integrated in one unit, one can not only save storage space but also avoid the encumbrance of using multiple devices.

• Clear images of facial expression and full body language of participants are captured, helps meetings and presentations be more vivid and fascinating, and makes the audience more engaged in the conference.

• With AI tracking, one does not have to handle the camera remote control as the AI enabled system does the timely intervention.

• Setup process is conveniently easy.

• Lens protection.

While this device is so versatile that many people might be wondering if their meeting data is secured. The PANA provides safe and reliable services and one need not worry about data leakage of the meetings as the meeting data can only be transferred locally through a USB cable to a computer.

In appearance, PANA has breathing light effect on the bottom when the camera is being used, which indicates normal working condition. It also comes with a camera cover to protect the lens for better durability.

In conclusion, the AI Huddle PANA, an integration of advanced algorithms, enables Intelligence Zoom + Smooth Adjust + Grouping with the leading visual algorithms to provide a user-friendly experience for all types of online conference meetings at all times.

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