Property Owners Know To Get Their Furnace Inspected Before Wintertime

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Property Owners Know To Get Their Furnace Inspected Before Wintertime

October 21
23:18 2020
Property Owners Know To Get Their Furnace Inspected Before Wintertime

The furnace of a home is of extreme importance during the cold of winter in Millbrook. Even in the deep south, Old Man Winter can begin to bring in the unrelenting cold. Because furnaces are not used during the spring and summer months, they go long periods without operation. The delay in use can cause safety issues, which is why it is always important to have a furnace inspection carried out before use. Knowing what to expect from an inspection is critical for homeowners. 

What Can Homeowners Expect From a Furnace Inspection?

Homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep their families warm during the winter months. To ensure a furnace is safe for operation, a full inspection should be carried out in late summer or early fall. These inspections check every aspect of the system, ensuring it is safe for operation. The following steps are included in every furnace inspection. 

  • First of all, the vent system is checked carefully for any leaks that may be occurring. If there are leaks or blockages, they can prevent proper airflow, which can be detrimental to the normal function of the furnace. 

  • The heat exchanger will be inspected thoroughly for any signs of cracks or corrosion that could lead to the release of carbon monoxide. If any issues are discovered, these need to be corrected right away, so the furnace can operate safely and effectively. 

  • The motor’s amperage will also be checked. If the motor is not putting out the right amount of power, it will not be able to operate appropriately. The motor is typically one of the first aspects to go bad, so it may need to be replaced. Checking the amperage will help to ensure the risk of fire is greatly reduced. 

  • The blower and all its components are carefully checked and cleaned. If there is any dirt or debris present, the blower will need to be cleaned in its entirety. By checking the components of the blower, the technician will be able to rest assured the furnace will operate without issues. 

  • The burner must be properly checked for any signs of issues. The technician will check for proper ignition and the correct operation of the flame sensor. If there are ignition or flame sensor issues, these can cause a fire. 

  • The system will also be checked for any loose components. Loose components can lead to poor operation and eventual breakdowns. Tightening and oiling the connections will lead to improved and extended performance. AirNow Cooling and Heating is ready to perform all furnace inspections. 

Other aspects are also checked, such as the flue and thermostat. Every component of the system will be carefully checked to ensure it is ready for operation.

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Call for an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment right away is essential before the cold weather months come in and the furnace is needed. With a full furnace inspection, homeowners can feel peace of mind in knowing their furnace is safe. Check out https://www.airnowhvac.com/ to see what they offer!

AirNow Cooling & Heating offers full service for all heating and cooling systems. They provide a straightforward pricing guide, so their customers are never shocked by the costs.

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