Social media NFT innovator Teddy Kozlowski launches Glimpse

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Social media NFT innovator Teddy Kozlowski launches Glimpse

July 02
21:17 2021
Glimpse provides a long overdue revenue stream for social media influencers, entertainers and athletes through NFTs.

NFT marketplace founder Teddy Kozlowki imagines a world of social media sharing and creators with a platform like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube… but better. Kozlowski is launching Glimpse, a social media app where every post created can be sold to the highest bidder. Glimpse creates a new revenue stream from influencer, athletes, and entertainers already burgeoning follower bases and well-liked content.

Glimpse is a new, fun, and easy way to monetize content — users can quickly get started and upload 60 second videos of their life and sell it on the Glimpse open marketplace. Content posted can be 60 seconds of anything, it could be funny candid videos, staged stunts, artistic photography tutorials, reels of an artist painting… or just everyday ramblings.

Creators short videos are converted to NFTs or Nifties, — Non-Fungible Tokens — essentially enabling each creator to OWN their content and to sell it for a price the market deems worthy of its effort and creativity. NFTs are the future of the art and entertainment world and Glimpse is making it easy for creators to capitalize on this innovation now.

Kozlowski states, “The future of social media is content creator owned. Today it exists solely for the benefit of the platform itself – where content creators receive only a fraction of the value and revenue they create and where fans/followers have limited opportunities to personally connect with their stars.”

Glimpse however flips this model and offers influencers a level playing field where they can monetize their content from Day 1 and benefit from the “Rookie Effect” as their audience numbers grow. Creators benefit from past posts as they monetize content that they are already sharing for free! This allows them the opportunity to create a fast new revenue stream and potentially create life changing financial results.

Creators, influencers, entertainers and athletes know the labor of love behind every single post on their social media channels. So why do many create these posts just for it to be lost to the annals of time? Instead, creators can “NFT-it” via Glimpse and be instantly compensated for their creative genius. This also enables Glimpse users to up their game, by giving you the economic means to achieve higher technical efficiency and to finesse their craft.

Glimpse users can also turn into a collector, buying content from their favorite influencers and perhaps selling it later at a higher value than what they bought it for. Established content-creators can receive up to 95% of generated revenue and can even benefit from secondary market re-sales. The possibilities are endless.

Glimpse is the brainchild of Theodore (Teddy) Kozlowski, founder of BitTrade, a biology graduate who learned programming to build his cryptocurrency exchange and is now revolutionizing the NFT space with Glimpse.

More info: www.glimpsenft.com

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