What are the reasons for the discoloration of colored stainless steel decorative panels

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What are the reasons for the discoloration of colored stainless steel decorative panels

July 05
14:01 2021

The stainless steel used in the environment does not rust. When the pH in the air exceeds the range that the stainless steel material can withstand under certain environmental conditions, the stainless steel will still rust; for example: a 201 stainless steel decorative piece has a high salt content in the coastal area. Or for long-term use in areas with high air humidity, stainless steel materials are more susceptible to oxidation, thereby destroying the plating layer, even if your maintenance cycle is short, you still cannot escape the result of rust. Therefore, the choice of materials is still to “prescribe the right medicine”, and appropriate materials must be selected according to different environments.


Many people have questions about the unstable plating layer. Sometimes even high-performance materials such as 304 and 316 stainless steel still have problems such as fading and rust. Why is this? In fact, this is easy to answer. Even if there is no problem with the substrate material, if there is a problem with the plating furnace during the electroplating process, or the plating time is too short, it may cause the electroplated color layer. There is instability, so that the color layer is easy to fade.


Affected by force majeure, it can be said that the material of stainless steel itself has a certain resistance to scratching. Because the tiny pores of the surface film are filled and hardened by the stable chromium oxide and other compound deposits, the surface film of the color stainless steel has a very Good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. The colored surface film can withstand the rubbing of a load eraser thousands of times, and can withstand the penetration of a steel needle with a load of 50 to 120 grams, but when subjected to force majeure external forces, the colored stainless steel will also fade. One more thing to remember, do not scrub with household detergents, metal fibers, etc., because they will not only damage the surface oxide film, but even wipe off the colored film at the end.

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