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Methods Of Carbon Mountain Bike Protection | EWIG

July 05
14:22 2021
Mountain biking is a rough and tumble sport. Even the most skilled riders wreck every now and again. As riders, we’re accustomed to wearing helmets, eyewear, and often knee and elbow pads, but what about the bikes we ride? How to protect carbon mountain bike from crash damage?

Here are the best ways to protect mountain bike from trail damage:

1. Tailored Protection kit

The Tailored Protection kit is specifically designed for each model and size and provides up to 95% coverage. Unlike other options, each kit includes all the tools people need for installation (microfiber cloth, squeegee, cleaning wipes, and install solution concentrate). Kits are available in clear gloss or matte finish. The film has low surface energy, which deflects dirt, and is self-healing, so minor scuffs and scratches disappear with a little heat. All Mountain Style’s frame protectors work on any mountain bike frame. These frame guards can be placed on the top tube, downtube seat- and chainstays. They’re constructed from a semi-rigid PVC material with an adhesive backing. All Mountain Style’s frame protectors stand out with an internal honeycomb structure that provides protection from impacts without adding excessive weight.

2. Chainstay Protection

Most people know that the drive-side chainstay on a bike is vulnerable to chain slap—that annoying clacking as ride over rough surfaces and the chain bounces on the stay. At best it will chip the paint—at worst it could cause more serious frame damage. On any frame it is worth protecting the chainstay on the drivetrain side of the bike. My preferred method is a stick-on protector such as those from All Mountain Style. The advantage of a stick-on patch rather than a neoprene chainstay protecter is that over time it will not collect dirt and oil—giving a cleaner and neater look.

3. Top Tube Impact Protection

The top tube is the important part worth protecting. It is an often overlooked area, but it can take a significant hit during a crash—when the gear shifters or brake levers can be flung around and give it a real pin-point impact. A simple frame protection patch can be all the protection required and will hopefully help avoid that crash necessitating a very expensive frame repair.

4. Downtube Protection

The 4th area of the bike that tends to really suffer from chips is the downtube—it is constantly bombarded by gravel and small stones that get thrown up from the trail. Again the solution is pretty simple—use a stick on frame guard from the likes of All Mountain Style. These frame patches help to protect the carbon mountain frame from chips, and they look great—far better than the pebble dash look…

5. Bike Packing Bag Protection

When considering the top tube of the bike, also consider how bike packing bags can wear at the paintwork or finish of the frame. A simple top tube protector will avoid the paintwork becoming scuffed or damaged with repeated use of bikepacking luggage.

Hopefully these tips on how to protect the paintwork and frame of bike help to keep it in great condition for longer.

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