When Buying A Bathrobe: A Step-By-Step Guide

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When Buying A Bathrobe: A Step-By-Step Guide

July 07
12:47 2021
When Buying A Bathrobe: A Step-By-Step Guide

Brescia – Jul 7, 2021 – The bathrobe, generally made of terry cloth, is a cross between an item of clothing and a towel, which is used after a bath or after a shower to dry. It is a comfortable and useful garment, which gives the shower and bathroom that extra touch of whim and well-being. It is one thing to dry quickly with a towel, it is quite another to pamper yourself slowly in the softness of a bathrobe.

As for the models, there is really spoiled for choice. There are models with hoods and models without hoods, which are usually preferred by women with very long hair, and who therefore prefer to wrap them in a turban-like towel to dry them better. Men with short hair, on the other hand, prefer a bathrobe with a hood as it allows the hair to dry quickly.

Still, there are models of long and short bathrobes

The long one as a dressing gown is usually considered more classic while it seems that women prefer it shorter as they wear it for longer after a bath, while men tend to get dressed more quickly. Finally, there are models with a belt and models without a belt, as well as obviously a large number of fabrics, colors, and textures to choose from.

To choose the accappatoio in terms of color, the choice must be made according to the use that will be made of it. For training in the pool or the gym, it is better to prefer a model made with particularly resistant fibers and preferably dark in color, while instead, you can give free rein to the imagination for models to be used at home. Usually, the women’s models are made with light colors such as white, ivory, pink, and violet, while the men’s models have darker colors such as blue, gray, and black.

There are also patterned models to choose from, certainly more eccentric and original, with striped patterns all colored or with other patterns.

Regardless of the model chosen, it is good to try it upon purchase as wearability is the most important component for an accappatoio donna. For this reason, it is best to refrain from choosing a bathrobe as a gift, unless you are sure that the size chosen is suitable for the person you want to give it to.

Initially, at the origins of its history, bathrobes were mainly made of terry cloth, that is, with the same fabric that was used to make towels:

This is because it was thought that it was the best fabric to allow a thorough drying of the body. But evolution and technology have also affected the textile sector and this garment has also been able to enjoy the benefits of continuous experimentation. The result of this commitment in research is a great variety of fibers and fabrics, from the softest terry to the cotton piqué, to the hemp up to those with the external weft woven with precious silk threads.

This great variety of fabrics allows each person to choose the bathrobe that best suits their needs and personal tastes in terms of not only colors but also fabrics. Those who are always in a hurry even when taking a bath or shower will surely prefer a model of accappatoio uomo, which is the material that among all allows you to dry the body more quickly and more completely, perhaps even with a hood for rubbing. even the hair on the fly.

On the other hand, those who love light fabrics can direct their choice towards the honeycomb cotton piqué, which quickly captures water but does not leave sensations of wet on the skin and offers a feeling very different from that of a traditional terry bathrobe as it is much lighter and can be worn for a long time to relax after a bath: for this reason, it is generally preferred by women, and is easily found in massage centers and spas.

Among the most innovative fabrics for the realization of bathrobes, we can mention linen and hemp: with these materials, light bathrobes are made, purely summer but that not everyone can like because, compared to traditional terry bathrobes, they can offer a contact that is not as good soft with the skin. This type of bathrobe should be used for drying but should be removed after drying as these fibers, especially when wet, are not ideal for promoting the perspiration of our skin.

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