Dede Bandaid’s Art Cannot Get Any More Truthful to his Name

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Dede Bandaid’s Art Cannot Get Any More Truthful to his Name

July 19
20:24 2021
This street artist is installing band aids everywhere, and people are loving it.

Some people say that the great artists are those who can make art from practically anything. Such is the case of Israel’s most known street artist, who calls himself Dede Bandaid, leading contemporary art in the country and is now being recognized globally. He is one of the most influential urban artists in today’s time.

What makes Dede Bandaid’s work stand out? Yes, band aids. Exactly. Dede Bandaid paints and installs bandaid art everywhere, from street advertisements to the biggest band aid in the world at the Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv.

More important than expressing oneself and beautifying one’s environment, art is particularly impactful in communicating messages in public spaces. Dede Bandaid conveys very important messages that fuels conversations and questions for humanity to answer. Take A Target for example. At the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa border, Dede Bandaid painted a huge target at a parking lot in 2014 during the operation Tzuk Eitan while missile attacks targeted central Israel. In 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he installed two blown up faucets in South Tel-Aviv to raise awareness on the importance of washing hands to fight the virus. The seemingly innocent Toilet Paper Rolls at Tel-Aviv’s Central bus station might make one think about how toilet paper is disposed of. He also painted a “Wind Up Teeth” at the abandoned Dolphinarium in Tel-Aviv.

Other quirky puns that were made by Dede Bandaid include Stay Safe, an installation of a huge, ripped condom wrapper branded as “dede” with an equally huge used condom beside it. The Official City Freshener, a blown up version of the tree-shaped car freshener hangs at a street lamp post in Tel-Aviv. Finally, Is it SAFE yet? is a vault connected to a tunnel that leads to the beach, an interesting take on going to the beach during the pandemic.

Dede Bandaid’s art made rounds worldwide and his works have been cited outside Israel such as New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Prague, and Paris. He has been represented in the Zemack gallery, a leading international gallery, and has exhibited his work worldwide, in galleries and art fairs. He also makes commissioned art for people’s homes, corporate décor, and hotels.

And in his efforts to inspire others, Dede Bandaid launched a book in September 2016, immortalizing his large body of work and sharing his practice and thought process alongside the dynamic changes of Tel-Aviv, as it goes through phases of development, destruction, and renewal.

See more inspiration from Dede Bandaid by checking out his website at https://www.dedebandaid.com/ and following his Instagram page @dedebandaid.

About Dede Bandaid

Dede Bandaid is Israel’s most known street artist and is a very promising leader in contemporary art. He began his way in Tel-Aviv and later gained a name worldwide.

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