Kristine Afram, an Asian beauty expert driving the industry forward

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Kristine Afram, an Asian beauty expert driving the industry forward

January 07
17:28 2022
Kristine Afram, an Asian beauty expert driving the industry forward
Kristine Afram, an Asian beauty expert driving the industry forward
“Kristine Afram”, intuitively when mentioning her name, the first thing that hits one’s mind is “beauty and fashion bloggers”. Well, but there is much more to Kristine Afram than overseeing an influencer; like being one of the best Asian beauty experts who are truly driving the industry forward with their talents.

It is no secret that women in the Middle East love beauty. Whether it’s following the latest trends or taking extra special care of their skin, they are often experts in the field and driving the industry forward. Whether you want to know what the best skin care products are for your skin type or how to create the perfect smoky eye or even to keep an eye on the latest haircuts and trends, beauty experts are worth following.

It’s been noticed recently that the number of beauty expert, from makeup artists to nail and hair artists, is increasing at high pace though many are not actually qualified in the niche. That’s why it may be hard to come up with a definitive list, but surely there are experts who have etched their names in the world of beauty.

Kristine Afram, the Lebanese / Swedish certified beauty expert is one of those experts who were really prove themselves in such a deep and demanding world. She is the owner of two beauty lounges in both Lebanon and Stockholm/ Capital of Sweden, where she worked as a makeup artist, hair colorist and style creator. Not only did she work for women, but also she had her male clients from models to celebrities in Sweden. And then she started expanding her domain from only being a makeup artist, hair colorist and so on. She started working on her fashion line in and in an attempt to ensure all clients’ satisfaction. In doing so, Kristine is now able to finish up clients’ needs from A-Z, and this has caught the attention of clients from different regions.

And never to miss up, Kristine is a renowned name in the world of influencing, she is one of the best fashion and beauty influencers who have a cumulative reach in the domain. If one looks so deep in her life, he/she can see Kristine’s ambition and self-confidence where she is able to manage between different domain at once, and this is not an easy task at all.

To follow up with her beauty work, simply visit her recently created Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/p/CXR5W9pIYgO/ .

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