Mousab Almusaddy M.D. Offers Weight Management Program For Busy Physicians

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Mousab Almusaddy M.D. Offers Weight Management Program For Busy Physicians

January 10
23:40 2022
Doctor, Certified High Performance Coach, and Health Expert Helps Other Busy Physicians Live Healthier, Vibrant More Productive Lives Through Wonderful Weight Loss Program.

Wonderful Weight Loss is a holistic weight management program specially designed to help busy practicing physicians struggling to stay in shape. The person behind the program, Mousab Almusaddy, recognizes that many physicians go through common difficulties in attending to their own health due to their busy lifestyles and overwhelming hectic schedule, many are stressed and burned-out, and don’t sleep well. He has been practicing Pulmonary, Critical care and Sleep Medicine.

Aside from sharing the same profession, Mousab relates to his clients on a personal level. He himself lived unhealthy life for almost twenty years and struggled with very busy schedule for years, at felt stressed and burned-out. Having overcome this, he now strives to help others who are going through the same experience he did.

Almussady is now a Certified High Performance Coach under the renowned High Performance Institute and this year, 2021, he is also Board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

According to Mousab, many medical professionals lack the time and focus to do proper meal preps and grueling workout routines. They often end up in what is called “yo-yo” dieting, a cyclical loss and gain of weight.

Moreover, Almussady says that the recent study indicated that at least 42% of physicians experience burnout. The 49-year old father of four recalls that he underwent the same situation several years ago, almost gave up on trying to lose weight, but one day while feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and barely living, he has an Aha moment where he decided to dig deep into why he reached that low point and went on a discovery journey that took him few year till he discovered the formula that helped him turn things around.

“Wonderful Weight Loss equips enrollees with a simple but effective step-by-step formula on how to safely and sustainably lose excess weight by helping them taking control of focus and mental well-being, helping them feel energized throughout the day, allowing them to be more productive throughout their day. Additionally, the program aims to master their habits and getting clear about what is important to them and establish a healthier relationship with food, enabling clients to better manage their cravings and without feeling starved or deprived.” explained Mousab.

Watch the Special Masterclass for Busy Physicians Who Want More Energy: “How To Quickly Get Rid Of Stress & Bodyfat AT THE SAME…WITHOUT Hours In The Gym Or Giving Up Your Favorite Food!” https://masterclass.wonderfulweightloss.com/reg-1

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