JitsFit is everyone’s best tool for improving their jiu-jitsu game.

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JitsFit is everyone’s best tool for improving their jiu-jitsu game.

January 11
18:07 2022
When it comes to the practice of Jiu-Jitsu, the JitsFit app is the perfect tool to improve one’s practice. It can help improve strength, conditioning, and flexibility, as well as keep track of nutrition and recovery.

The martial arts and combat sports are known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or simply jiu jitsu has been gripping the world over. Training centers for this sport have cropped up left and right all over the world. Practitioners of BJJ use the combination of wrestling and grappling to best their opponent. Jiu-jitsu also boasts a number of benefits, in particular weight loss. Without a doubt, using almost every muscle in your body every time you train is a great way to shed some unwanted pounds. BJJ is also an excellent way to practice self-defense. It can teach average people the basics of protecting themselves from attacks. In fact, some law enforcement officers routinely join special programs that also include Brazilian jiu jitsu together with other techniques. BJJ is also an excellent way to relieve one’s stress. The community that is created centered around a BJJ training center can be a great way to fill the hours outside of work.

All those mentioned above – and many more – are some of the reasons why JitsFit was started. The app is a means for anyone access to coaching, support, and serves as a tool to improve anyone’s BJJ practice. The app is geared towards to everyone no matter their level. When customers sign up for the app, they get to enjoy many features to help with their strength, conditioning, flexibility, rest, nutrition, and focus – all of which are important elements in jiu-jitsu. The app can be used whether the practitioner is training at home or at the gym. JitsFit offers all the tools one might need in order to stay at the top of their game. It is also possible to create customized programs tailored towards the goals of the users, or they can take it to the next level and subscribe to one-to-one coaching.

JitsFit helps users improve their BJJ game in three important methods. First, the app helps users set a goal for their practice. Being able to set goals changes people’s psychology and motivates them to work towards achieving it. The app can help set goals for health, fitness, and overall jiu jitsu performance. Second and equally important is rest and recovery, both are crucial in getting the desired results. Strength and conditioning aren’t nearly as effective when the body is not allowed to rest and recover. The JitsFit app allows users to plan their rest and track it accordingly. Finally, the app can also be used to monitor the user’s nutrition. It can create a nutritional plan customized to each individual for better overall performance.

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