The Preparation of the Third HIIFF Underway: Come and enjoy a warm winter

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The Preparation of the Third HIIFF Underway: Come and enjoy a warm winter

August 07
14:48 2020

Since its beginning in 2018, Hainan Island International Film Festival has already been held successfully for two iterations. The festival drew increasing attention from filmmakers and cinephiles worldwide. As China has mostly contained its domestic COVID-19 situation, the third Hainan Island International Film Festival is still scheduled to take place in Sanya in December 2020. Various planning and organizing works are already well underway.


The Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, formulated by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, was officially released on June 1, 2020. With the master plan, Hainan is positioned at the frontier of a new round of high-level opening-up policies in China, poised to become a free, innovative, and developed island economy. Hainan Island International Film Festival will also fully integrate its geographic characteristics. The film festival will comprehensively achieve internationalization, specialization, marketization, popularization, fashion, and industrialization. The goal of HIIFF is to become a new cultural landmark of Hainan island.

As we look back at the two previous iterations, the 2018 and 2019 HIIFFs attracted film works, filmmakers, and film-related institutions from many countries. They participated in different sections of the festivals: competition for the Golden Coconut Awards, H!Market Film Market, H!Action Project Market, academic and industrial forums, press conferences, among others. The last two editions saw the star-studded appearances of many film celebrities. HIIFF achieved high viewability and became trending sensations on the Internet. The seaside opening and closing ceremony were fully live-streamed. The beach screenings were also part of what distinguished the Hainan Island International Film Festival from other film festivals. Featuring unique styles, It is a genuinely grand gathering of cinema where the breeze of coconut palms meets the sea’s melody.

The third Hainan Island International Film Festival is progressing smoothly with its preparatory works, and each section has realized significant results. The Golden Coconut Awards, H!Future New Talent Awards and H!Action Project Market have all established award prizes or project development funds, intended to incentivize and support filmmakers at different stages of their professional growth.

Each section of the film festival is doing extensive preparatory works. Compared to last year, H!Action Project Market has received a significant breakthrough in the total number of applications and is steadily forming its jury structure. H!Future New Talent Awards is a new section of the 2020 HIIFF, focusing on global filmmaking newcomers with a pioneering spirit and perseverance for exploration. H!Future showcases the reflections of young filmmakers about the new era and their explorations of the cinematic future and delivers vibrant and diversified film content to the film industry.


The Third Hainan Island International Film Festival will continue to integrate an outdoor beach screening section. More outdoor screening models will be explored in collaboration with local hotels, tourism scenic zones, and regions under the Country Revitalization plans. Together, the screenings will deliver unique visual and aural feasts to the audiences attending HIIFF.

Given the current coronavirus pandemic situation worldwide, the third Hainan Island International Film Festival will integrate both on-site and online modes. The organizers will meticulously guarantee the health and safety of festival participants while satisfying the film-viewing and entertainment needs of the public.  

With the successful organization of each year’s film festival, Hainan Island International Film Festival has become a vital force realizing multiple goals: driving the development of Chinese film industry, promoting the elevation of the soft power of Hainan Island as a free trade port, and satisfying people’s demand for cultural consumption. The festival is always striving to become a bridge and connection point in the exchange of global cinematic and visual culture. With the ongoing organization of the third Hainan Island International Film Festival in a smooth sail, this year’s HIIFF will surely emerge with a renewed image to greet global filmmakers and audiences. The “cinematic carnival that is everlasting” will take place as scheduled in December.

We look forward to our grand gathering when HIIFF unveils in Sanya this year.

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