Bhavna through her coaching programs is helping people to discover their life purpose and get into alignment with their true self

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Bhavna through her coaching programs is helping people to discover their life purpose and get into alignment with their true self

August 07
23:00 2020
Bhavna through her coaching programs is helping people to discover their life purpose and get into alignment with their true self

Since the world economic activities have taken a hit due to quarantine imposed in several countries in response to Covid-19, many employed people have got minimal work at hand. This is especially true for people whose job requires them to do some physical work, such as physically meeting their clients or customer, which varies depending on the industry they are in.

I have seen several posts in social media by people talking about boredom and some, feeling a substantial fear of losing their current job. Firstly, I would say if anyone is feeling boredom then chances are, they were so consumed by their job routines that it’s a shock for them to have so much spare time, to fill in with some hobby or activity they would like to pursue at home. Secondly regarding the fear of losing job, one must accept that uncertainty is a part of life, we all want to live a secure life, so we like certainty. But time has shown that previously successful companies such as Kodak, Nokia have lost business and faced failure irrespective of economic conditions.

World has become more and more connected in the past 10 years with major credits going to internet and mobile devices. This happened because of innovation, which came from someone reflecting on the usage of technology. But somehow our technological advancements have slowed down in past 5 years in terms of innovation. A major reason could be, that we were living in a world which did not support creativity as much. Many people were just living in survival mode joining the rat race, doing the job which feels ‘safe’ and not exploring unique paths.

The technology for new innovations like paper thin batteries, efficient solar powered cars and drones already exit in the now, we just need to bring more of them into our current reality. New innovations come because of mind’s deep reflection on possibilities. With the current scenario, the earth has literally sent all of us to our rooms to reflect on what we have done. People are reflecting more than ever which means big innovations and changes are coming. It is time to become more resilient and adaptable rather than desiring for a normalcy to return.

The hard truth is we are not going back to the world pre-2020. For those doubting that if you deserve the full salary you are receiving, ask yourself a question “Does the flower asks itself if it deserves enough sunlight or not?”. Irrespective of the season the flower is always receptive of all the sunlight falling on it. In some of the jobs I did in the past, in the initial month, work was more focused on learning than producing output. I recall one of my colleagues who joined the company with me said that “In this trainee month we are getting salary just for filling few excel sheets.” Which implied that we are not doing enough work meant for the salary, which we will be getting in the first month. This kind of thinking emerges because as a common societal perspective, we are made to believe that the time and effort spent working determines how much pay we deserve.

Expertise can give you more money for what you produce, even if you spend very less time on doing the work. If you question your deservedness think about all the books, degrees, certifications you have got till now, how many people you have meet, how many places you have visited, all this experience builds your expertise and makes you unique. You may not be getting as much of opportunity to be productive during these times, but if in your heart you have all the willingness to contribute your best for your company, then you completely deserve your full salary. This is irrespective of the fact that your company can continue paying you or not. All you need to do is to expand your receptivity and horizons to the new world being born and not let any doubts of deservedness overpower you.

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I help people live blissfully aligned lives through my coaching programs, which help them discover their life purpose and get into alignment with their true self.

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