Transformer Oil Filtration System, Transformer Oil Acidity Removal & Transformer Preventive Maintenance

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Transformer Oil Filtration System, Transformer Oil Acidity Removal & Transformer Preventive Maintenance

August 08
01:31 2020

Recycling Transformer Oil is a cardinal resource in our modern 21st century world. Electricity is a desideratum today in every inch of the globe and we undoubtedly need efficient transformers in order to dispatch electricity onto the general public for daily use. The evolution of the Transformer since its invention has been consequential and significant, especially since the introduction of Transformer oil, which has been a culmination in Transformer design. The accrescent growth is demand for electricity has propelled the advancement in Transformer design so that it can easily handle high levels of electric stress. Hering VPT is hailed as the virtuoso of advanced Transformer Technology. They have advocated the most innovative methods when it comes to Recycling transformer oil, Transformer acidity removal, Transformer oil treatment, Transformer preventive maintenance and, Transformer oil filtration systems. 

The products offered by Hering VPT are the pinnacle of German Technology, and they warrant the best use of your transformer oil treatment, economically and ecologically. Their products and services cover a wide range of requirements that are suitable for companies operating at any scale. Our adept and capable team of experts help you pick the perfect equipment based on your prerequisites, and escorts you along every step of the way, right from walking you through the economic feasibility and the sustainable elements that accompany proper Transformer management, the initial setup of the infrastructure, professional training for your on-site staff by our experts, up until routine service and even Transformer Preventive Maintenance. Hering VPT understands better than anyone that maintaining a Transformer plant is an expensive affair and it involves numerous risks both financially and otherwise. Even a small margin of error can have catastrophic consequences and Hering VPT makes it the highest priority to take a preventive maintenance approach regarding Transformers. Our group of expert engineers provide intensive training to all of our staff and clients so that no such accidents occur. 

Our products are the right choice for large scale industries that generate huge amounts of waste oil. Our Waste oil recycling plant or WORP can transform your recycle transformer oil into beneficial group 1 and group 2 base oils that can be used for numerous other functions. Our Transformer oil Filtration system restores the original properties of your waste oil in terms of colour, odour and other deterministic chemical properties in order to bring them back to new or sometimes even better than new conditions. They are called the EOK series and are available in basic, standard or professional variants based on the application method. This is necessary because after constant usage, the dielectric properties of transformer oil, which essentially act as a coolant, can degrade due to contamination with moisture and other impurities. Our products ensure that the oil can be recycled and reused multiple times without compromising on performance of the Transformer. Once the Transformer oil can no longer be used, our systems also perform the appropriate treatment on the waste oil so that they can appropriately be dumped in a designated landfill. All Hering-VPT employees share a strong ethical responsibility towards our clients and our environment. 

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