Criminal Defense In Louisiana Takes A Great Deal Of Knowledge And Expertise

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Criminal Defense In Louisiana Takes A Great Deal Of Knowledge And Expertise

August 10
04:00 2020

The state of Louisiana is rife with criminal law offenses and very explicit in the type of defense needed to overcome the different types of charges that a defendant may be facing. All state laws run the gamut as they do in most states and Louisiana takes all forms of criminal offenses both state and federal very seriously, as the state should. From simple DUI (Driving Under the Influence), to the more serious types of criminal charges, such as rape and even murder, only a great criminal defense attorney like Thomas C. Damico of the practice of Damico & Stockstill, who practices out of his office in Baton Rouge, should be consulted.

Even a simple DUI charge can ruin a life, especially if convicted.

Loss of wages (due to being released from a job), family problems, and loss of reputation can occur. DUI charges can result from a simple traffic stop and progress to a charge of DUI if any arresting officer suspects drug or alcohol abuse. All substance usage while driving even if a drug is prescribed, is prohibited when operating a motor vehicle. Louisiana does differ from some states though, as they have specific “drug courts” which if a defendant can obtain admission can help overcome addictions while completing reparations or sentencing that is imposed. The sentencing and restrictions or reparations that are imposed always depends on a criminal history and the amount of the impairment at the time of arrest. 

Rigorous criminal defense for all state and federal infractions or crimes is always needed.

Extremely serious charges such as money laundering, rape, murder, robbery, and other charges that are considered heinous does require a great deal of knowledge, experience, and most of all aggressive representation. The consequences of conviction of any major offenses can lead to sentences that are extensive and that can be difficult to overturn, even when innocent. The process of appeals to try and overturn a conviction can take years. Convictions should be avoided at all costs as they can appear on an individual’s background record for years or even a lifetime.

Heinous crimes mean crimes that are considered the most violent or most destructive in nature.

These can be crimes against a person or persons, such as violent physical crimes, or crimes of a more fraudulent nature such as wire fraud and money laundering. Again the punishment will depend upon the amount and type of aggregate damage, and the history of the individual that is facing the charges. Mitigating and aggravating circumstances also come into play during a good criminal defense strategy as these can impact a jury or judge’s decision as to guilt or innocence and impact the sentencing that is imposed if a defendant is convicted.

Overall, the more serious the charges, the more adept and aggressive a defense attorney need be.

Any criminal charges, especially the more serious ones do demand the utmost knowledge, experience and aggressive defense tactics. Lives are at stake when facing criminal charges, and criminal charges therefore should never, ever, be taken lightly. Consulting a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana such as Thomas Damico is imperative immediately upon arrest whether facing state or federal criminal charges of any nature.

About Thomas C. Damico

Mr. Damico has been practicing criminal defense of state and federal charges for over 65 years now. He is listed as a “super lawyer” and provides aggressive representation. Based in Baton Rouge, LA, there is an initial free consultation, with a wealth of expert advice on the website. A FAQ exists, videos, press releases, a blog, and a contact form, email, phone and fax for quick and easy contact by clients. A former District Attorney, Thomas C. Damico has the skill level for any type of state or federal criminal charges. He welcomes all inquiries and does possess the ability to defend all types of criminal charges. 

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