Pennsylvania Laws Are Extremely Complex And Strict In Matters Concerning DUI

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Pennsylvania Laws Are Extremely Complex And Strict In Matters Concerning DUI

August 10
04:02 2020

Representation by an attorney with extensive knowledge of DUI laws in Pennsylvania is needed when facing a charge of this type.  Many individuals do not realize the severity or consequences of a DUI charge and the penalties involved if conviction occurs.  Only an attorney like Steven E. Kellis, ESQ, who serves the Philadelphia, PA area and the counties surrounding it, can expeditiously and efficiently represent any individual facing DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges.  Penalties upon conviction can range from fines to actual jail time depending upon the circumstances.  Aggravating circumstances such as a high BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) reading or prior history of DUI charges and convictions will matter significantly.  The penalties can also involve loss of a driver’s license and either community service or driving school to educate drivers on the need to not drive while impaired.  If an accident or injury occurs because of the DUI charges, the penalties will be much higher also. 

Especially when facing aggravating circumstances in DUI charges a skillful attorney is needed.

Aggravating circumstances can dramatically increase the penalties for DUI charges and convictions.  There is an enormous amount of levels of not just impairment while driving, but also a whole slew of charges which may be applied concurrently upon arrest and before judgment.  Field sobriety tests count for a lot when facing charges, and an attorney like Steven Kellis who holds a certification in Field Sobriety Testing is the best choice for not only the simple DUI charges, but especially for the more advanced ones, that do exhibit the aggravating circumstances that can lead to not just fines and other measures but actual long-term jail sentences.  Any type of aggravating circumstance increases the amount of liability and sentencing, but also opens up any defendant to lawsuits by any injured party due to the DUI. 

Too many times individuals who face DUI charges do not take these types of charges seriously.

DUI, especially in the state of Pennsylvania is not a small matter and not limited to alcohol.  With literally dozens of levels of charges and sentencing possible, this type of charge can quickly ruin someone’s reputation, their finances due to job loss, and even have a negative impact on their relationships with family members, children and spouses.  The list of DUI possible charges is extensive, and includes first, second, third offenses, extreme DUI, underage DUI, out of state DUI, accident involved DUI and even boating offenses under the influence.  Any type of charges of being under the influence while operating any type of vehicle should be taken seriously and a knowledgeable attorney such as Attorney Kellis, ESQ, should be called immediately.  Time is of the essence in these types of charges and dismissing them as just a minor mishap can lead to grievous consequences for any individual that is charged.  The wrong type of representation, or no representation can lead to a future filled with heartache.

About Steven E. Kellis, ESQ

Attorney Kellis practices DUI defense of all types within Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.  He is a member of Super Lawyers and has many awards.  He also has 25 years of experience in this field and can be reached via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He also holds a certification in Field Sobriety Testing.

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