High School Student Prevents COVID-19 from destroying another tradition with Epilog, Digital Yearbook Signing

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High School Student Prevents COVID-19 from destroying another tradition with Epilog, Digital Yearbook Signing

August 10
05:53 2020
Anshay Saboo, an innovative high school senior of class of 2020, launches Epilog.it, a digital yearbook solution to continue the century-long tradition amid coronavirus threat

Anshay Saboo, a graduating high school senior of class of 2020, recently announced the release of Epilog.it, a digital yearbook signing solution for students worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to ravage the world, leading to the disruption of several activities, including the academic calendar. Consequently, students across the globe have lost the opportunity to continue another everlasting tradition, yearbook signing, at least, until the emergence of the innovative solution from Anshay Saboo.

Anshay Saboo, a techpreneur who was about to graduate from University High School in Irvine, could see the disappointment amongst the student community. Undeterred by the situation, he came up with a way for students to invite their friends, family, and teachers to sign their yearbook pages digitally, which led to the creation of Epilog.

Yearbook signing is an age old tradition and we cherish those memories forever”, said Anshay Saboo. “Being able to look back and turn the pages of yearbook and read the notes scribbled by your friends and teachers is something invaluable. Epilog, by enabling a safe, secure and digital way of yearbook signing, addresses the problem the graduating class of 2020 was facing.

Epilog is an online user-friendly, safe, and secure yearbook signing platform that allows students to create their yearbook page and invite others to sign it. The platform comes in web and mobile app formats, with the app available on Apple app store. The user-friendly interface of the solution allows students to easily create an account using Google or Apple credentials.

Key features of Epilog: Available as Epilog app (iOS) and website www.epilog.it

• Freely available for all users worldwide.

• Fully secure with verified user information through Google or Apple authentication or email verification.

• Full search capability for other users and built-in invite mechanism.

• Share uniquely coded invite through multiple channels like text, email, chat, and social media apps.

• Capability to create private and confidential multimedia signatures.

• Real-time notifications of invites and signatures.

• Format and print all the signatures to keep in the physical yearbook when done

For more information about Epilog and other innovative tech solutions from Anshay Saboo and his team at SchoolSmart Apps Inc., please visit – www.schoolsmart.io.

About SchoolSmart Apps Inc.

SchoolSmart Apps Inc. was founded by Anshay Saboo to provide software solutions to educational institutes. Their products include “Grades App,” which helps students and parents keep track of assignments and grades as well as “SchoolSmart App” to provide schools with fully customized mobile app, enabling a centralized source of all school information, including schedule, news, calendar, announcements, and a host of others.

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