Can Installing air conditioner hepa filters in Locust Grove Ga protect from Covid?

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Can Installing air conditioner hepa filters in Locust Grove Ga protect from Covid?

August 12
11:53 2020
Can Installing air conditioner hepa filters in Locust Grove Ga protect from Covid?

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The experts tell us Covid is mainly an air borne virus. Could a hepa filter make a difference?. Steve Cassell, of JSC Enterprises LLC, an air conditioning expert chimes in.
Are hepa filters able protect you from COVID-19 virus?
So can installing a Hepa filter in your central air conditioning system protect you from COVID-19? The experts reprt Covid is mainly an air borne virus. That is why they are recommending everyone wear a face mask when in public and respect social distancing.
However, could the right air conditioning filter make a difference?
In this article we reached out to Steve Cassell, of JSC Enterprises LLC. Steve does air conditioning repair in Locust Grove Ga. He tells us that while he is not a Covid expert he can give his expert advice on Hepa filters. Steve tells us, ” Hepa filters have been designed to capture items as small as .01 microns.  So in theory Hepa filters could be able to filter out airborne viruses as long as they are larger than .01 microns in size.”
This is backed by science. Recently NASA has confirmed Hepa filters are almost 100% efficient at capturing ultra fine particles as small as .01 microns.
The other concern is are virus particles always larger than .01 micron in size?
Only time will tell.
Either way, some experts are concerned using a Hepa filter could lead to a false sense of security causing people to let their guard down. An important question to ask is how long will it take for a Hepa filter to clean the air in a room?
Steve continues, “It depends how big the room is. It could take between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the air to be completely filtered.”
Now you can see why experts encourage people to still wear masks in public and honor the social distancing rules. A sneeze can travel travel up to 100 mph and create upwards of 100,000 droplets. 
Steve continues, “While doing air conditioning repair in Locust Grove — Some customers feel safer having a Hepa filter that provides an extra level of safety for their family. They like knowing the air they are breathing is cleaner. Hepa filters are also great for eliminating dust, and animal dander. This really makes a difference with people suffering from asthma and allergies.”
Anyone that wants to learn more about hepa filters, feel free to contact Steve Cassell an air conditioning conactor in Locust Grove Ga

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