Lion Lock – Smart Secure Door Lock Technology

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Lion Lock – Smart Secure Door Lock Technology

August 12
08:19 2020

Lion Lock is a famous British fingerprint door lock brand with the symbol of the Lion Head. With the desire to not only create a good product about lock but also a product of “pride”. Like the pride of the male Lion King.

The founding of Lion Lock

The industrial revolution which took place in the late eighteenth century in the UK, the mechanic industry was further developed. Metal locks and keys are manufactured with unprecedented complexity and sophistication.

In 1778 Robert Barron finished the Lion Lock lift type. By 1818 Jeremiah Chubb had greatly improved the technique of the lift lock. See also fingerprint door lock: https://lionlock.vn/danh-muc/khoa-cua-van-tay/

By 1821, in the city of Portsmouth Dockyard, a huge thieft of property occurred caused the British Government to announce a competition to produce locks with additional alarm functions for property owners. In 1824, researcher Chubb Lion successfully studied the basic Lion Lock fingerprint lock series.

In 1861, Linus Yale, Bramah took inspiration from the old lock pattern to invent a new type of metal key with different short and long incisors. Integrating security technologies such as fingerprints, touch cards, face recognition used for apartments’ locks.

Although there are some improvements in the main design, the majority of the locks today are still variations of the designs invented by Bramah, Chubb Lion Lock, and Yale.


• Bringing Lion Lock to the number one position in the field of smart door security safety and Smart Home.

• Lion Lock is constantly improving to give customers the most interesting and satisfying experience based on the customer-focused and Integrity-based culture.

• Lion Lock provides a comfortable life for employees. High profits for long-term investors and community welfare contributions.

• These are what we are aiming for. These are things that you can count on us.

Commitment Of LionLock:

• Lion Lock is committed to making CUSTOMER CENTER in all its thoughts and actions.

• Lion Lock is committed to providing employees with a RESPECT and FAIRED work environment.

• Lion Lock is committed to giving management: A fair PLAY to compete talents / A commitment to a personal life SUNG TUC / A social position respected by others.

• Lion Lock is committed to giving its partners RESPECT.

• Lion Lock is committed to giving investors unrivaled business value.

• Lion Lock is committed to contributing to the community through the creation of thousands of jobs and full tax contributions to the state budget

The core values ​​of the human Lion Lock

• Dedication to Customers

• Honest

• Integrity

• Responsibility

• Love and support your team

• Blood fire at work

Fingerprint Lock Technology 4.0

Nowadays, smart key lines are applied with 4.0 IoT technology to produce. Increase the absolute security for the door locking system. Create great utilities for users.

See also magnetic card door lock: https://lionlock.vn/danh-muc/khoa-the-tu/

Principle Of Operation Of Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint smart lock system with 4.0 technology offers 6 smart opening mechanisms. Safe, the lock lines use fingerprint biometric technologies, face recognition. High security has been put into use:

• Open the door with face recognition

• Open the door with a fingerprint

• Open the door with a password

• Open the door with RFID card technology

• Open the door with the Phone Technology App.

• Open the door with an anti-fake mechanical key.

• Classification of fingerprint door lock

Wooden fingerprint lock: This is the most common type of door available today and is easy to install. Due to the wide door, it is easy to choose to install the appropriate locks.

Iron door fingerprint lock: aluminum iron gate: This is a specialized door lock series with small lock design suitable for all kinds of metal frames. Also, this lock line has a 100% metal frame design for good impact resistance and water resistance.

Aluminum door lock: The aluminum door puzzle is usually less than 70mm in size, so the door lock design also has a small puzzle to fit.

Glassdoor lock: This is a lock line suitable for doors that cannot be cut like glass.

Above are the 4 main types of doors that we often encounter besides if customers have special installation needs. Please contact Lion Lock for appropriate advice support.

Advantages of fingerprint lock

• High security and security (when recognizing by fingerprint, face).

• Handy without carrying a key.

• No worries about losing keys

• High aesthetics, class luxury.

• Easy to use

• Durable

• Low investment costs

Note when buying fingerprint door lock

• Resistance to mystical black box: This is a feature to prevent high-tech lock with black box.

• Fully equipped with unlocking features by: Fingerprint, magnetic card, password, mechanical lock.

• Do not choose to lock the door using the open technology App phone without phone protection features.

• Choose the leading brand lock system such as: Lion Lock, Samsung, Yale …

• See door patterns to choose the appropriate lock.

• Door lock cost is an important factor.

• Warranty is an important factor. Lion Lock currently provides a 5-year warranty system when purchased at Lion Lock systems.

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