Waydev Offer Data-Driven Optimization Tools To Help Improve Engineering Productivity

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Waydev Offer Data-Driven Optimization Tools To Help Improve Engineering Productivity

August 12
09:00 2020
Waydev is the new agile data-driven method of tracking engineers’ output directly for your GIT repos without their manual input

Waydev, The Git Analytics platform for engineering leaders offers agile data-driven optimization tools to improve the performance of engineers. The method developed by the company is designed for engineering leaders to reinvent themselves and climb to a new level.

It is estimated that companies lose more than $2.93bn annually due to engineering inefficiency. At this time in world history, where many companies have gone bankrupt, other companies that are still in a strong financial state should not take the efficiency of their engineering department for granted. People in charge of an office always make decisions based on feelings, rather than using accurate data and this is what Waydev seeks to change. Waydev was developed to improve the performance of engineers during their hours by offering various data-driven premium tools. Waydev can help companies save up to $2 million annually thereby helping them to curtail losses that could lead to bankruptcy.

The method developed by Waydev gives you the opportunity to identify engineers’ flow patterns and find patterns of work that are a detriment to your organizations. You will be able to observe the profile of each of the engineers and see the performance they had the previous day and from there, you can judge if their performance has improved or lower than other days. You will see a graph of the risk of commits for the engineers which will enable you to have a statistical summary of the developers’ performance in a single table. There’s the possibility to visualize columns, order and reorganize them, and also easily download them in PDF, Excel, or print them from the same Waydev application.

“Waydev managed to gather in one place enough tools for executives to make the right decisions thanks to the data obtained by this method. For example, it will allow you to have a much wider vision about the individual performance of your engineers.” The spokesperson for Waydev Commented, “As a manager it will provide you a clear record of the work being done and it will give you a weekly summary of the entry and exit patterns of each of your team members. This will allow you to know the most committed engineers, which will also help you when working with remote teams.”

To see how Waydev can help your company’s engineers improve productivity, please call (+1) (650) 276-0560 or visit https://waydev.co/

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