Unique Faith based Sandals inspired by Jesus Christ

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Unique Faith based Sandals inspired by Jesus Christ

August 13
00:06 2020

Sharing the Faith by Walking in Faith.

As many of you know and have experienced yourself troubling times give no warnings or heads up when they are about to visit and like many of you, I found myself asking God “Why me?” or “What do I do now?”. During one of my lowest points the one thing I was certain about was that I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to reflect Gods love to others. I am an active surfer and one morning on the beach I envisioned a little girl walking on the beach and as she walked a cross was left imprinted with every step she took. It was then that I understood that I wanted to leave Gods mark with every step I take.

Many Christians are shamed or labeled as “Religion Pushers” but the idea of creating a sandal with a cross on the sole and allowing me to leave a symbol of Christ’s love anywhere I walked without being pushy was my next move. As a surfer and being raised in Sunny Southern California, creating the perfect sandal was my mission. After trial and error, we have finally created a sandal that has rubber soles with the molding of our patented cross, leather straps which have John 3:16 on each side all while providing comfort. The soft leather footbed and compression-molded EVA midsole provides optimal arch support, light weight and non-slip making them the perfect fit for a beach trip or any outdoor activity.

Anyone who wears Walk in His FootSteps sandals would leave His mark with every step they take which means to leaves a Christ like impression wherever you go.” Remi Chagnon, founder of WIHFS

Walk in His FootSteps is a Christian apparel brand that sells cross bottom sandals designed to allow wearers to spread the Christian faith without being pushy. The footwear is meant to act as a daily reminder for the faithful to reflect Christ in everything they do. WIHFS has completed two manufacturing rounds and is gearing up to develop the next round. Within the first three-months WIHFS sold over 1500 sandals. Help us raise the funds needed to continue manufacturing and bringing more awareness to our God.

To learn more about the Walk in His FootSteps, visit the Kickstarter campaign, here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/243099392/walk-in-his-footsteps-cross-bottom-sandals?ref=13czx4

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Company Name: Walk in His FootSteps
City: Riverside
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/243099392/walk-in-his-footsteps-cross-bottom-sandals?ref=13czx4