The Trinitarian Korean Language Learning System: ‘HangulLearn’

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The Trinitarian Korean Language Learning System: ‘HangulLearn’

August 13
00:20 2020

Seuol, Korea – The launch of the state of the art Korean learning engine that demonstrates the excellence and scientific accuracy is beginning to attract attention.

‘LangSys (CEO Kyung-Chul Park)’, an online Korean-English learning content development company in Korea, will be launching ‘HangulLearn’, a Korean Language learning system for foreigners, in September. As the demand for Korean language learning has shown a rapid increase amongst foreigners, it is becoming substantially more important to develop Korean learning system and content that adapts to the learners.

According to statistics from the National Institute of International Languages, more than 3 million people are currently learning Korean language. In 2018 alone, the number of foreign applicants for TOPIK surpassed 260,000. The number was 80% increase from the previous 8 years combined.

CEO Kyung-Chul Park of LangSys explained, “the developmental foundation of HangulLearn is the same as King Sejong’s philosophy for creating Hangul, which is for all people to learn the language easily and effectiveiy.  “We have been researching the structural framework of both the English and Korean language for a long time in order to facilitate a more simple understanding for foreigners who are learning or want to learn Hangul”, he added.


HangulLearn is about to be recognized online thanks to Langsys’ R&D efforts. It’s considered to be a trinity solution that consists of Langverter, an Eng-Kor auto-translation engine, game – oriented learning system, and unique language learning contents.

Focusing on the automated Eng-Kor translation engine, which utilizes its own patented sentence learning technology, is specially designed to bridge the gap between foreign learners and the Korean learners, unlike translation engines before it, by utilizing the linguistic structures, and practicing with game such as Drag &Match.

Also, Langverter doesn’t stop there, by performing output of various levels of speech formalities that foreign learners typically struggle with the most when learning Hangul, Langverter continues to push the boundaries of simple language learning made easy.

CEO Kyung-Chul Park said, “If universities and other educational institutions adopt HangulLearn to their systems, then not only will it provide language conversion and learning contents, but also it will function as a systematic learning management system that allows assignment submission and checking learning status to make learning more efficient.” He also added, “As more people from all over the world continue to become interested in learning Korean, based on the management philosophy of developing a scientific Korean learning system that leads globalization, HangulLearn will reform into a learning system that carries various languages other than its English and Korean version.”

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