OroGold Cosmetics Call on Ancient Tradition to Produce a Gold Standard Sunscreen

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OroGold Cosmetics Call on Ancient Tradition to Produce a Gold Standard Sunscreen

August 13
00:20 2020

Skin experts at Canadian company OroGold Cosmetics have issued a reminder to its customers of the dangers of the sun to their skin as the summer hots up.

The company has urged its customers to take care and protect their skin from the trauma of UV rays that can not only cause cancer, but are the leading cause of skin damage and aging.

UV rays can lead to wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots and the company’s skin specialists say that 90 per cent of this damage is caused by UV rays from the sun. A survey has shown that 30 to 40 % of Canadians don’t even wear sunscreen for protection despite the dangers.

Canadian cosmetic specialist OroGold Cosmetics has combined its trademark gold extracts and a sunscreen to create a unique formula for its clients that protects the skin from the sun and nourishes the skin.

For centuries gold has been used because of its claimed beautifying benefits. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the key to youth. Cleopatra was said to have slept in a gold mask to enhance her beauty. Empress Cixi of China had a gold roller that she used on her face every day as part of her beauty regime. 

A spokesman from Orogold Cosmestics said that its customers should strongly consider using a spf on their face, even if it is cloudy. He said the company had decided to incorporate its famous gold extract into its sunscreen to give its clients a high-quality option that was luxurious and good for their skin.

He said: “The UV rays can penetrate thick cloud and glass, so it is important people take skin protection seriously, particularly on their face where signs of aging are shown very quickly and very obviously.

“We have combined the benefits of gold that we use in all of our products and create this special product for our customers.”

There are three different types of UV light. UVC, UVA and UVB. It is UVB and UVA that are the most dangerous and cancer causing. There is a special Daily UV Index Forecast to find out how strong the UV is in a particular area. Sunscreens will either absorb UV rays or reflect them, it depends what they are made of.

Dermatologists usually recommend a factor 30 spf sunscreen, which is said to protect the sun from 97% of UV rays. SPF is sun protection factor and it is a guide as to how effective a sunscreen is against UVB rays, not how tanned you are going to get. 

About OroGold Cosmetics

OroGold Cosmetics uses extracts of gold, fruit, vitamins, botanical extracts, ceramides for moisture retention and peptides to help repair the skin and tighten it among its ingredients to create high quality skincare products. Products include specialist creams for the eye area, neck, face masks, moisturizers, exfoliators, cleansers and toners.

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