Christmas Lights Help Bring Communities Together During Dark Times

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Christmas Lights Help Bring Communities Together During Dark Times

August 15
11:56 2020

Sherman, Texas – In an ordinary year, the beginning of Spring marks a time where people begin spending more time outdoors, surrounded by fresh foliage. This year, due to unprecedented events occurring around the world, things are a little bit different.

Because many people are now confined to their homes, often looking for something to do, displaying LED Christmas lights has become increasingly popular. In seemingly all regions of the United States, and elsewhere around the world, both people and businesses are deciding to hang Christmas lights as a sign of comradery and community togetherness.

Considering the origin of Christmas lights, the use of these decorations during times of apparent darkness is relatively unsurprising. Lights on Christmas trees, which were originally candles, originated in Northern Europe as a symbol for eternal light. Light has long been used, throughout human history, as a symbol of hope and inspiration. Though the lights themselves have significantly changed over the years, the meaning and bonds they create have remained uninterrupted.

It has been hard to say who the first person to suggest using Christmas lights as a form of bonding was, but the use of lights and other communal decorations has been trending on Twitter, Instagram, and most other social media platforms. These lights, evidently, are much needed during a time when people are feeling worried and concerned about the future. Additionally, with many jurisdictions issuing “stay at home” orders, rehanging lights also gives people a fun activity to do without needing to leave their place of residence.

Some professional Christmas light suppliers, such as Christmas Designers, are relatively unsurprised by the increased use of lights throughout the rest of the year. Not only is the symbolism of these lights very important during troubling times, but new lighting technology actually makes it much easier to keep lights running during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

LED Christmas lights require considerably less energy to run than their older counterparts and, additionally, each bulb lasts for a much longer amount of time. This makes the decision to keep lights up during the “non-holiday” season notably easier.

While many people remain unsure just how long the novel virus will be impacting our lives, it is clear that building connections—while maintaining social distancing—will be crucial to surviving and thriving as communities. Christmas lights, it seems, are as important now as ever before.

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