How Focusing On The Product Will Result In Amazing Floors

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How Focusing On The Product Will Result In Amazing Floors

August 17
15:11 2020
How Focusing On The Product Will Result In Amazing Floors

Benjamin Manship, Owner of Big Ben’s Flooring Elite, Inc.
Benjamin Manship informs customers on up front pricing to prevent overpaying

STOCKTON, CA At first glance, Benjamin Manship’s passion may not make much sense. The owner of Big Ben’s Flooring Elite, Inc. in Stockton, California, doesn’t spend much time talking enthusiastically about sports, music, or other everyday activities. The thing that Benjamin Manship talks most animatedly about is flooring.

“I love flooring!” Manship loudly proclaims. “I love using a new product to replace something old. It continually amazes me how one simple change, like new floors, can absolutely transform a living space!” Manship installed new flooring in homes for 15 years with Lowe’s and Home Depot before opening his store.

“For years, I watched people pick the wrong flooring for their kitchen space or use the wrong pad for their carpet,” says Manship. “People are often overpaying for what they don’t need; they pay too little for materials and too much for labor, or visa versa.” He went on to explain how some stores have little tricks to help get more sales out of their customers, yet many of their sales representatives have little to no flooring experience or product knowledge. This often results in a lack of appropriate flooring being installed in clients homes.

An excellent example of this is Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP). “Many customers pay for a high end laminate when a lower end LVP would serve their needs better. Why put in a high end laminate in a house with a pool in the backyard or a family with kids? The #1 failure with laminate is moisture and water, LVP being 100% waterproof is the way to go in those situations” Manship states. According to Manship, LVP is more durable and reliable than basic laminate and other flooring choices. Some customers may not need the strength of LVP, but for those who have kids, pets, and anyone looking to rent out their house, LVP is Ben’s best recommendation.

Manship proudly explains that his company, Big Ben’s Flooring Elite, Inc., considers customer needs first. There is no pressure to unnecessarily upgrade the price or put any hidden fees in their flooring to make up for lower installation prices. “There are companies that twist the truth to take advantage of their customers,” says Manship. He explains that companies that offer free installation for their flooring often raise the prices of their materials so they can provide free services. “So many places hide their fees,” states Manship. “They aren’t upfront about the true cost of doing business.”

Benjamin Manship warns of free installations. “Not only are the customers paying for the installation elsewhere,” he explains, “but offering free services means companies can provide lower quality work.” People are less likely to complain about a job if it was done “for free” versus one fully paid by the customer.

“Focus on the product, not the price,” Manship suggests. “The best work comes at a cost. The customer will pay more, but the work will get done right, and there will be less regret about the purchase.” Manship states that too many people equate the best deal with the lowest price. “Whatever helps you love your house, meets your needs, and falls in line with your budget, is the right decision to make.”

“I am here to help my customers figure out what they need and want,” explains Manship. “I love to listen to my customers, educate them with what I know, and help them find something that will help them fall in love with their home again.” With a massive smile on his face, Benjamin Manship proudly proclaims, “I just love what I do!”

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