PuppyDoc is enabling dog-owners to better understand their pet’s physiological needs to generate a feeling of love among the pups and the owners

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PuppyDoc is enabling dog-owners to better understand their pet’s physiological needs to generate a feeling of love among the pups and the owners

August 18
21:16 2020
Say WOOF! to the new dog healthcare management IOT device to understand your dog’s Circadian Rhythm and provide it with a healthy life!

PuppyDoc is the ONLY way you could bond with your dogs, a device that can monitor a dog’s health and keep the owner/guardian notified so that they can take necessary actions to keep their pet as healthy as possible. PuppyDoc is going to get live on Kickstarter and would require crowdfunding to hit the markets. Many dog owners have expressed joy in learning about the concept of PuppyDoc saying that this device will surely help them communicate with their dogs and understand their needs on time which will prolong their life and keep them fit and healthy.

Humans are lucky to be able to communicate their pains to their parents or caretakers to avoid prolonging their suffering. Dogs, however, cannot express their feelings to their caretakers and thus, are normally left homeless due to their worsening sickness. PuppyDoc is the first of its kind puppy health-management device, that will constantly monitor the vitals of the dog’s health and keep the owner updated about the necessary actions required to keep the dog active.

Like humans, sunbathing is very important to a dog’s mental and physical health. It encourages the absorption of the all-important vitamin D, calcium, and vital minerals while ensuring that they get to work in strengthening the bones and joints. It incites the production of serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. This helps to provide emotional stability and lower stress levels and tension in dogs. A lack of exposure to sunlight or outdoor activity may cause dogs to develop mild to aggressive residual illnesses. In this situation, dogs may develop separation anxiety disorders and depression.

At this point, most of the dog-owners would be wondering what is a suitable time to expose their pet to sunlight, take them out to exercise, or put them to sleep?  This can be decided based on the dog’s breed, size, fur color, and more importantly the intensity of the sun and the amount of UV light. With PuppyDoc, you’ll get measured recommendations about the necessary amount of exercise for your dog, sunlight exposure, and preferred nap times depending on the breed and age of your pet.

The owners of PuppyDoc will always know when their dog needs sleep, exercise, or a sunbath to absorb some vitamin D. They can also monitor more than one puppy with a single app. Furthermore, with the GPS and location sharing system, a dog owner will never lose her puppy as it will always be marked on the map. Lastly, the owners will get information about their dog’s body rhythm by filling in the previous date of injection, medication, and the day they changed its feed and toy.

Currently, PuppyDoc is helping over 3,000 pet owners monitor and maintain the health status of their pets.

About the Product:

With the PuppyDoc IoT device, you can keep an eye on your dog’s needs including suggestions on when to exercise, rest, walk, and get some exposure in the sun and other ultraviolet rays. It gets better, you can also monitor vitamin D and melatonin levels in your dog, two parts of a dog’s sanity.

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Find your only way to bond with your angels below!

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