California Industrial Rubber Co. Boosts Mask Production to Stop COVID-19 Spread

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California Industrial Rubber Co. Boosts Mask Production to Stop COVID-19 Spread

August 19
13:25 2020
California Industrial Rubber Co. Boosts Mask Production to Stop COVID-19 Spread

COVID-19 took the world by storm, leaving many unprepared for what would be needed to stay safe. Hospitals, businesses, and individuals all found themselves needing more personal protective equipment (PPE), spurring a massive shortage all across the country. Fortunately, California Industrial Rubber Co. supplies one of the most important pieces of PPE needed, which were masks.

Types of Masks Available

In most places, businesses are now required to have their staff and customers wear masks to continue operating. California Industrial Rubber Co. cares about its community and has increased its inventory of masks to help local businesses keep their employees safe during this unprecedented pandemic. 

For more information, individuals can visit https://www.californiaindustrialrubber.net/. California Industrial Rubber Co. offers various types of masks to serve a range of industries, including the following:

Dust Masks

Dust masks are basic white masks used in a wide range of industrial applications. Their main purpose is to keep our irritants like dust, as the name suggests. They are an acceptable mask for protecting others against the potential spread of COVID-19.

Respirator Masks

Respirator masks are fitted with a plastic respirator that allows the exhalation breath to escape the mask, making the mask more comfortable to wear, especially for those who are wearing glasses or other eye-protecting gear. The respirator masks marked with N95 are the most in-demand masks by hospitals and healthcare workers worldwide. These masks filter all particles larger than .3 microns, which will stop the wearer from inhaling droplets suspended in the air that contain the COVID-19 virus. California Industrial Rubber Co. carries both N95 and FDA Certified KN95 mask.


Respirators are more than just a mask. This PPE covers the lower portion of the face and includes filters that protect against harmful fumes but may not offer the same protection from virus particles as the N95 masks. Still, these are an important piece of equipment for workers handling materials such as asbestos or spray paint and are suitable face coverings for slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Combination Masks

Combination masks are those that combine the benefits of respirators and respirator masks They offer protection from both fumes and small particles. 

Mask Considerations

Wearing a mask is an essential part of job safety and protection against the deadly COVID-19 virus. There are some things that business owners should consider when choosing masks for their employees.

Using the Appropriate Mask

Not all masks provide the same level of protection. It is important to consider the type of work the employees are doing in addition to how protected they are against the spread of COVID-19. 

Finding the Right Fit is Essential

The effectiveness of a mask is only as good as how well it fits. Masks should be snug against the face of the person wearing it. Both their nose and mouth must be covered for maximum protection.

Reusability is Important

Some masks are available in reusable forms, such as dust masks and respirator filters. In the best of times, this option allows business owners to save money. With the current shortage of masks in the USA, purchasing reusable masks helps ensure that employees are kept safe long term. 

California Industrial Rubber Co. Cares About Their Community

California Industrial Rubber Co. has a long history of serving communities all over the state of California. This year, they are sponsoring local graduations to help honor seniors in the area for completing their studies during such a tumultuous time. They will be helping to keep the attendees safe by providing masks. 

Contact their site here https://www.californiaindustrialrubber.net/contact-us.

About California Industrial Rubber Co.

California Industrial Rubber Co. first opened in Fresno in 1958. They distribute industrial plastic and rubber products to the agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets throughout California, Nevada, and beyond. They are a family-owned business that takes pride in providing excellent service and high-quality products.

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