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Neuropathic Pain Market Analysis, Market Size, Epidemiology, Leading Companies and Competitive Analysis | DelveInsight

August 19
14:35 2020
Neuropathic Pain Market Analysis, Market Size, Epidemiology, Leading Companies and Competitive Analysis | DelveInsight

“Neuropathic Pain – Market Insight, Epidemiology and Market Forecast -2030”

DelveInsight launched a new report on Neuropathic Pain Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2030

Some of the key facts of the report:

  1. In the UK, eight per cent of the general population experience neuropathic pain.
  2. The prevalence of chronic pain to be 16.6% and the prevalence of neuropathic pain was 3.2%.
  3. The United States has the highest percentage of prevalent diagnosed and treated patients.

Key benefits of the report:

1. Neuropathic Pain market report covers a descriptive overview and comprehensive insight of the Neuropathic Pain epidemiology and Neuropathic Pain market in the 7 MM (United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK) & Japan.)
2. Neuropathic Pain market report provides insights on the current and emerging therapies.
3. Neuropathic Pain market report provides a global historical and forecasted market covering drug outreach in 7 MM.
4. Neuropathic Pain market report offers an edge that will help in developing business strategies by understanding trends shaping and driving the Neuropathic Pain market.

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“It was observed that 67.5% of the patients with neuropathic pain were in the 65–74 age group.”

The primary goals of neuropathic pain treatment are to manage the pain as much as possible and to minimize the negative side-effects.

There are various neuropathic pain treatments available, and often it is a ‘trial and error’ process to find the best option for a person. Regular painkillers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs (for example ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol) are usually not effective for neuropathic pain.
Medications used for neuropathic pain treatment include over-the-counter analgesics, anticonvulsants, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), topical anaesthetic agents, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), antiarrhythmics, narcotic analgesics, and opioids.

Combination therapies are often used in patients with neuropathic pain who have either failed to have a response or only had a partial response to monotherapy. In theory, utilizing lower doses of different classes of drugs may help alleviate or prevent adverse drug effects that are seen with higher doses of monotherapy. Studies have focused on the use of combination therapies and have found mixed results. A meta-analysis of two studies did find that a combination of gabapentin with an opioid was superior to monotherapy (or placebo), but the combination of the two medications was associated with higher drop-out rates due to adverse effects. A large study that focused on comparing duloxetine and pregabalin at high doses as monotherapy to lower doses in combination did not show any difference in efficacy or side effects. Researchers continue to seek new treatments for neuropathic pain. There are new voltage-gated sodium channel blockers that are receptor-specific and may have less risk of cardiac, motor and central nervous system adverse effects. A review of stem cell therapy focused on preclinical data suggested that adult stem cell therapy in patients with neuropathic pain showed positive effects, with peripheral appearing to be more responsive than central neuropathic pain. Studies that focus on genetics and subgrouping patients based on their phenotypes may play an essential role in the future of personalized pain management for neuropathic pain.

The launch of the emerging therapies is expected to significantly impact the Neuropathic Pain treatment scenario in the upcoming years:-
Drugs covered:

1. Mirogabalin/Tarlige
2. Ricolinostat/HDAC6
3. LAT8881
And many others

The key players in Neuropathic Pain market are:
1. Daiichi Sankyo
2. Regenacy Pharmaceuticals
3. Lateral Pharma
And many others

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Table of contents

1. Report Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. Neuropathic Pain Market Overview at a Glance
4. Neuropathic Pain Disease Background and Overview
5. Case Reports
6. Neuropathic Pain Epidemiology Methodology
7. Neuropathic Pain Epidemiology and Patient Population
8. Neuropathic Pain Country-Wise Epidemiology
8.1. United States
8.2. EU-5
8.2.1. Assumptions and Rationale
8.2.2. Germany
8.2.3. France
8.2.4. Italy
8.2.5. Spain
8.2.6. United Kingdom
8.3. Japan
9. Neuropathic Pain Treatments & Medical Practices
10. Neuropathic Pain Marketed Products
10.1. Tarlige: Daiichi Sankyo
11. Neuropathic Pain Emerging Therapies
11.1. Key Cross Competition
11.2. Mirogabalin/Tarlige: Daiichi Sankyo (For CNP)
11.3. Ricolinostat/HDAC6: Regenacy Pharmaceuticals
11.4. LAT8881: Lateral Pharma
12. Neuropathic Pain Market Size
13. 7MM Neuropathic Pain Country-Wise Market Analysis
13.1. United States Market Size
13.2. Germany Market Size
13.3. France Market Size
13.4. Italy Market Size
13.5. Spain Market Size
13.6. United Kingdom Market Size
13.6.1. Total Market Size of Neuropathic Pain
13.6.2. Market Size of Neuropathic Pain by Therapies
13.7. Japan Market Size
14. Market Drivers
15. Market Barriers
16. SWOT Analysis
17. Reimbursement
18. Appendix
19. Neuropathic Pain Report Methodology
20. DelveInsight Capabilities
21. Disclaimer
22. About DelveInsight

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