‘Santa Stutters Too’ by Regan Espinosa Opens New Doors to Compassion, Instills Confidence in Young Children

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‘Santa Stutters Too’ by Regan Espinosa Opens New Doors to Compassion, Instills Confidence in Young Children

August 19
17:55 2020
‘Santa Stutters Too’ by Regan Espinosa Opens New Doors to Compassion, Instills Confidence in Young Children

Windsor, CO – June 30, 2020 – Although Christmas isn’t here yet, Christmas in July is happening. Memories of snow, reindeer, and of course, Santa are all reminiscent of Christmas. The busyness of Christmas and Santa commonly entails the later listening to what presents children would like for Christmas. 

However, as Santa listened, he may have had some things to say too! Like ho, ho, ho hold on that gift is mine!” Santa may have had more to say, maybe he just stutters like most of us and couldn’t get it all out when he had to. That would be a special thing to know about Santa if it were true. Children and keen readers are enjoined to find out in a wonderful children’s book titled “Santa Stutters Too” by pediatric occupational therapist, Regan Espinosa.

Imagine Santa saying, “There is a Ho-Ho-Hole in my sock!” The example allows children to understand that anyone can stutter or stumble over ‘sticky’ words. “Santa Stutters Too” will be loved by children for the way it presents stuttering as something not to be afraid of, or to make fun of. With the book published on Amazon, Regan is looking to develop a sensory toy alongside to accommodate tactile and sensory needs. The book is accompanied by a special Santa toy that decreases anxiety with its special sensory and tactile materials.

The book is part of A ‘Speaking Sticky’ series of books intended to impart confidence in stuttering kids. It also serves to enhance acceptance for children that stutter around their peers. Through colorful examples, the book teaches children the valuable skill of listening, patience, kindness, letting others finish speaking, and understanding we are more alike than different with our words.

After the release of “Santa Stutters Too” just two weeks before Christmas in 2019 on Amazon, Regan’s book drew the attention of several important figures and organizations. She was interviewed by the National Stuttering Association and received approval to have the book listed as a resource at the Stuttering Foundation’s website. The site has many celebrities such as James Earl Jones, Emily Blunt, Steve Harvey, and Bruce Willis, who talk about their stuttering challenges.

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and love to write. Seeing my daughter struggle with relating to the world while stuttering broke my heart as a mother. Writing books for her and anyone that stutters help to show that we are more alike than different. We can all have compassion, kindness and patience when we speak and listen to what others want to say,” says Regan Espinosa.

Regan works in northern Colorado with Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare, and wrote the book after experiencing a mother’s pain of seeing her daughter stutter. Regan works with children with sensory needs and speech challenges and is also developing prototypes for sensory toys.

Regan is currently promoting Christmas in July as a special way to bring attention to stuttering through her book. Previously, the series released another book titled, “Moses Stutters Too”. It highlighted how Moses conquered his fear of stuttering. The next book for release in the series is reported to be titled, “ANIMALS STUTTER TOO”.

Like most heroes in capes, Regan never knows when to stop with the good deeds. She had intended to host a drive-by/walk-by Christmas in July event right at her house in Windsor.

Her initial plan to promote and sell her book at Christmas in July festivals was halted due to the emergence of the COVID-19. Regan has rather decided during these restricted times, to share that holiday cheer right in her backyard. She disclosed that her home will be decorated for the Christmas in July event anyway. She hopes that kids and families walking by will find the spectacle to be a joyous view.

“Santa Stutters Too” is the first book of its kind that makes children confident by giving them a space where they can have ‘sticky talk’, a phrase Regan’s daughter used to describe speaking challenges when words get stuck in the mouth. The book has been well received in places like the US, the UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, and all over the world. 

In this sensational video, Regan is caught telling all about the Speaking Sticky series, Santa Stutters Too, and stuttering kinds. The book will be of great interest and use to parents, teachers, speech therapists, physicians, and publishers, churches and bookstores. Regan’s vision is to have Christmas in July across many places to inspire and open the doors to compassion, kindness and understanding.

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