Energy Wisdom from Author Joy Nugent

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Energy Wisdom from Author Joy Nugent

August 19
13:56 2020
Energy Wisdom from Author Joy Nugent

From my background as a private palliative care nurse consultant and educator I have a deep appreciation for health care that is holistic in nature and encourages self-care and responsibility. This is the era of energy medicine – a time when soul energy which underpins all life – be it an individual, a corporate entity or country is being appreciated.

Energy with its differing vibrations flows through the body and influences thoughts and emotions and vice versa. When its role is understood a new perspective on health care can emerge. This is the same energy that leaves the body when a person, pet or any living thing dies. It cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed. For example, peace and harmony can be felt in certain places at a given time. If the space becomes occupied by angry and manipulative energy the peace and harmony vanish.

The same happens to the energy in a person’s body. Energy which flows though the body may become blocked, or affected positively or negatively, by emotions and thoughts. The result may be seen and felt when a person becomes moody, dark, and vengeful rather than light, loving and compassionate. Being at the bedside of people who were dying taught me to question the purpose of life, what happens when a person dies and how can the experience of death and dying be viewed through different lens.

COVID-19 is forcing the world’s population to change. No longer is it same old, same old! While being forced to halt and take time out new opportunities are being realised. Inspiring acts of kindness, appreciation and resilience are viewed on social media as well as in the traditional press. The very nature and purpose of life is being questioned. Is COVID-19 a wakeup call from the Cosmic Higher Mind which most people call God?

Triggers that influence thoughts and emotions come from many sources. The triggers may be conscious or unconscious and relate to events in this lifetime or a past lifetime. Because soul energy can never die another mode of existence occurs after death. This is a reality experienced by those who feel the presence of a person they felt a deep connection with and has died. In my practice I was contacted in various ways from souls who had died. I valued that connection and am still in awe of the experience. I write about it as an everyday event.

Many philosophers and poets have written about soul, life and meaning from the earliest recordings to the present day. The New Age Movement began in the 1960s and gave a new language to the truths to be found in holy books. Eastern and Western thought is combining to form different ways of viewing wellness and introducing words like karma, chakras, and aura. There are energy therapies such as Reiki, Tai Chi, Mediumship and Pranic Healing demonstrating the healing powers of free flowing energy. Inner self therapies as I like to call them encourage self-awareness and acceptance of intuitive guidance. This is different to instinct.

When there is a realisation that we are more than our physical bodies soul energy can begin the healing process. A bridge is being built between western medicine, traditional medicine, and inner self/energy medicine.  When a person is out of step with the seasons, earth, and sky they are separate from all of life which when seen as energy is all one. Just as I gave the example of entering a room and being sensitive to the energy the same goes for the globe. The energy of past world wars and man’s inhumanity to man in whatever form is dark energy. It is heavy, densely vibrating emotional energy and for those who are aware felt in the body and soul.

An accumulation of dark energy is felt when a leader of a country or organisation permits cruel and unjust deeds to occur. This uncomfortable and depressing energy is difficult to dissipate even with the counterbalance of love, light, and generosity. What is needed is an appreciation that all is one soul energy. We breathe the same air and feel the other’s pain. Perhaps a lesson given to us by COVID-19.

My three decades at the bedside of people who were at the end of their life taught me many lessons. The primary lesson was not to fear death and to listen to what the Cosmic Higher Mind was telling me via my intuition. Recently I came across a saying by Pythagoras the ancient Greek philosopher known for his mathematical equations and philosophical teachings. The latter influenced Plato, Aristotle, and, through them, Western philosophy. His saying was that death anxiety does not exist when a man finds his soul!

The soul is the part of us that does not die.  It is our spiritual future. The life lessons we learn influence the soul’s progress. When soul energy (karma) has fulfilled its purpose in earth school it returns to Source. It is the nature of life to grow, flower, fruit and to die. Soul dies into Oneness. The ancient Tao teaches that to live life in accord with the Tao is to be in harmony with others, with the environment and with one’s self.

We are a local concentration of energy within a larger field often called the Universal Energy Field. When we are aware of this connectedness, we achieve a sense of peace and harmony.

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