Baoxu Chemical, More Than an Organic Pigment & Solvent Dyes Producer

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Baoxu Chemical, More Than an Organic Pigment & Solvent Dyes Producer

August 21
00:13 2020

More than 50% of the world pigments and solvent dyes were produced by China in the last decade. China organic pigment and solvent dyes is gradually replacing brand supplier like BASF, Clariant, especially in its domestic market.

Baoxu chemical, with a production base in Gansu province, produces organic pigment red and blue, solvent red, yellow, and blue dyes. Baoxu integrates its colorants into x-rite color matching system, customers use the system to do color QC check and color match job. It requires top quantity consistency control level of producer, also distinguish baoxu chemical from hundreds of factories simultaneously.

For scenario of plastic color matching, baoxu chemical produce pigment red 53:1, 57:1, 48:2, 48:3, 122, 170, 254, pigment yellow 14, 81, 83, 110, 138, 139, 180, 191, solvent blue 35, 97, green 3, solvent red 111, 135, and solvent yellow 93, 114. Then we make plastic chips for each colorant at 10 dosages. After measurement and input, the color matching system acquires the raw data. Whenever a new batch is produced, we get delta and color strength data easily. Moreover, we share customer the data so they can use it to do color QC, even color match when other pigments’ data is completed.

There is a lot of work to do when changing colorant suppliers, more than compare prices, and choose the lowest quote. Customers’ main concern regarding changing suppliers is color and performance difference, especially for the ones require minimum color delta.

FAQ regarding colorants are as follows:

1. What’s the difference between your pigments (solvent dyes) and brand like BASF, Clariant?

Difference main lies in brand awareness and certifications. For brand awareness, BASF, Clariant is international leading companies of colorants, while baoxu chemical produce its equivalents. For certifications, baoxu chemical pigments comply with RoHS, REACH, EN71-3, etc. While in sensitive applications like cometic, customers prefer brand products than ours. China equivalents are generally replacing brand products in more and more applications, owing to its quality performance getting better with time. BASF sold pigment business unit to DIC, Clariant also seeking buyer for its colorants BU as well. Partly because of pressure from China manufacturer and competition.

2. Is your pigments (solvent dyes) pure powder?

Yes, it is, no filler in it, so no compromise of color strength and performance.

3. Can you do OEM?

OEM accepts.

4. I have a pigment, can you analysis and match?

For pure powder pigment or solvent dyes, baoxu chemical can analysis and match both on color and performance. For pigment mixture, we may or may not succeed in matching as the formula can be difficult and customized.

5. How to guarantee batch to batch consistency?

Firstly, by production management using the state-of-art SAP system. Secondly by innovation color management, like introduce x-rite into quality control.


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