Australia THERA LADY Inventing the First Ice Cool Mask in the World to Solve Summer Skin Problems

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Australia THERA LADY Inventing the First Ice Cool Mask in the World to Solve Summer Skin Problems

August 22
02:26 2020

In the summer, the skin is grilled by the high temperature and exposed to ultraviolet rays, which cause skin hunger and thirst, imbalance of water and oil, and red sensitive acne … “Dangerous skins” are difficult to deal with. In the current skin care market, sunblock is the most popular product for skin problems in summer, which can only insulate ultraviolet rays. However, for heat damage caused by high temperature, few brands have launched targeted repair products.

It is learned that a few days ago, the Australian skincare brand THERA LADY, which has always focused on targeted “targeted repair” as the development direction and product features, developed the world’s first “Australian ice mask”.

It is reported that for summer facial skin care, R & D team of THERA LADY injects its exclusive patented liquid ice crystal technology, plant fiber condensation mask cloth and other latest technologies into facial mask products, and then pushes the epoch-making product of “targeted skin care” -the first “ice mask” in the world.

Among them, the biggest technological highlight is the liquid ice crystal technology that THERA LADY has obtained an exclusive patent. As the world’s first attempt to apply this cutting-edge technology to facial mask beauty products, Australia’s “ice mask” has an extreme heat absorption performance of-5℃, there is no need putting in the refrigerator to refrigerate, the “magic mask” of “COOL” ice sensation can be experienced at any time anywhere, so that the skin is maintained at the most dynamic 31 ℃, quickly recall the best condition of summer skin.

Moreover, this mask also incorporates Auto-detecting intelligent temperature adjustment technology, which can quickly relieve the problems of cell shrivellation, damage, and slow metabolism caused by heat, and the skin can be quickly restored to be fresh and elastic. The plant fiber condensing mask cloth adopts deep-guided reverse osmosis technology, and carries 33ml of high-energy skin rejuvenation essence, while intimately sticking to the skin, keeping the active ingredients of the mask non-volatile, and using low-temperature penetration technology to keep the skin fresh for a long time.

It is also understood that aside from the above-mentioned cutting-edge technology, THERA LADY Australian Ice Mask also adopts the skin-rejuvenating ingredients extracted from New Zealand’s South Island Glacier, and adds a variety of natural rare plant purification essences such as mint, sea fennel and rosemary, so that in the fresh and icy feelings, users will get rid of skin heat, redness, sensitivity, thick pores and other phenomena, immediately reversing the summer “dangerous skins”, reappearing the skin’s clear and delicate moisture state.

“Australian Ice Mask THERA LADY performs very well in the laboratory, and it can achieve moisturizing and restorative effects such as ice refreshing within 1 minute, efficient hydration within 3 minutes, redness and sensitivity fading within 5 minutes, and delicate tenderness within 10 minutes.” The person in charge of THERA LADY brand said, “After the product was developed, we collected the first batch of 763 probationers, and carried out the whole process tracking and analysis on their use effect.”

“Statistics show that the water content in the skins of more than 91.8% of users is more than 30% after using once, and the oil output in the T zone is effectively suppressed; 87% of the users feel that the skin is stronger and more stable, and the pores are significantly reduced. The skin tone is more even, and the touch becomes delicate and smooth.”

“Mask, as a daily skin care method, on account of its parity, convenience, immediate results, is widely recognized by women. In summer, high-intensity ultraviolet radiation and high temperature heat bring double damage to the skin. All kinds of skin problems are prominent and the use of general mask cannot solve these problems. Therefore, the exclusive mask products for summer become a rigid demand in the market,” said CHOLE, a professional observer of international beauty brands.

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