What To Expect When Buying Insurance After DUI, According to RealtimeCampaign.com

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What To Expect When Buying Insurance After DUI, According to RealtimeCampaign.com

August 26
13:28 2020
What To Expect When Buying Insurance After DUI, According to RealtimeCampaign.com

Drunk driving has become a serious problem in the US and presents a risk to everyone on the road. As more drunk-driver related accidents occur more fatalities are likely to happen. Reviewing what to expect when buying insurance after a DUI shows drivers how much their choice can cost them. 

What is SR-22?

SR-22 certificates are required by law for all drivers who were convicted of a DUI charge. The driver cannot get the certificate until after their driver’s license suspension has been lifted. Before the driver can operate their automobile, they must have the SR-22 certificate sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles for their county. The driver is required to purchase the certificates according to the terms of their conviction. 

Providing Proof of Insurance 

Providing proof of insurance is the only way the driver will receive an SR-22 certificate. First, the driver must purchase at least the minimum auto insurance requirements for their state. Most states require at least auto liability coverage. If the automobile is financed by an auto loan, the driver must purchase comprehensive and collision coverage to protect the vehicle. When reviewing policies for their automobile, the driver can request Insurance Quotes from their preferred insurer. The driver must pay a down payment to receive proof of insurance to get their SR-22 certificate and register their vehicle at the DMV. 

An Increase in Insurance Premiums

An increase in insurance premiums occurs for most drivers who are convicted of a DUI because of the increased risk of an accident. Even if the driver attends an alcohol treatment program, the driver is still classified as a risky driver and is likely to pay higher auto insurance premiums for the full duration of the lookback period. For some states, the lookback period is up to ten years. According to realtimecampaign.com, drunk drivers were responsible for as many as 10,000 auto accidents in the US in 2019. 

Fines and Fees for DUI Convictions

Fines and fees for DUI convictions can increase costs for drivers, too. Some jurisdictions require the drivers to pay fines when they are released from jail and subsequent fines each year for up to three years. According to statistical data, 2020’s Most Dangerous Days for DUIs are yet to come, and more drunk driver-related accidents are predicted by the end of the year. 

What Happens if Drivers Don’t Have Insurance?

Any driver who doesn’t have auto insurance is subject to fines and driver’s license suspensions. However, if the driver has a criminal history of DUIs, the driver could face jail time for the failure to comply with the terms of their release from jail. If you were convicted of a DUI and need information about auto insurance, you can review helpful resources now. 

Drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated cause auto accidents with injuries frequently in the US. In fact, it is drunk drivers who cause hundreds of fatalities nationwide. Reviewing auto insurance requirements after a DUI shows the drunk drivers how much more their decisions can cost them.

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