Mother Of Three Owns Maternity-Based Tea Business for Babies and Mothers

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Mother Of Three Owns Maternity-Based Tea Business for Babies and Mothers

March 09
16:13 2021

This mother of three came up with the idea for her now a flourishing business, after she had recreated an old tea recipe for her newborn baby, suffering from stomach pain and colic. The “magical” tea blend, instantly relieved her baby’s pain, and after that first experience, she decided not to keep all her grandmother’s knowledge to herself. Instead, she decided to share those recipes with the rest of the world through founding Secrets Of Tea.

It all started with tea blends for babies and then, it expanded to become multiple herbal tea lines for both babies, mothers, fathers and everyone else. New mothers usually suffer from disturbed sleep, milk feeding problems, stress and anxiety, constipation… Newborn babies often suffer from colic, gas, acid reflux and gas, Samah Bensalem, Secrets of tea CEO has the solution for all these issue through her tea blends.

The Baby catnip tea for natural relief of baby colic, gas, constipation, and acid reflux, is created to relieve the babies’ digestive issues for the full night, giving them and their parents a chance to sleep. It contains high-quality ingredients, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and it is certified USDA Organic.

“Our teas do not contain sugar, alcohol, or any chemical products in their blend, everything is natural, and they are delicious and healing,” explained the company’s spokesperson.

Another tea to help with mom’s sleep issues is the Valerian tea, created with ingredients that are scientifically proven to induce better sleep and deeper relaxation. It contains no caffeine, and it is both halal and kosher, it also does not any contain gluten or preservatives.

For female fertility issues, the fertility, peppermint tea blend is recommended. This blend contains whole leaf and fully organic ingredients, such as raspberry and lady’s mantle, scientifically known to help regulate hormones, and reduce stress, which are two major reasons for infertility Issues.

For new mothers, Secrets Of Tea created the healthy nursing tea blend. Made of 100% natural ingredients, such as chamomile, milk thistle, lemongrass, and raspberry leaves, it helps in inducing both better quality and quantity of mother’s milk in new moms.

About Secrets of Tea

“Babies magic Tea” was the first tea blend, created in this tea company, first dedicated to relieve painful gas and colic in infants. After that, many other teas dedicated to treating common, newborn babies, and toddler problems were created, based on a special, tea recipe, that has been used by the founder’s family for generations.

The organic tea company kept expanding and creating maternity-based, tea lines for both babies and their mothers, targeting multiple issues, such as post-pregnancy weight loss, morning sickness, relaxation, sleep-inducing, baby constipation, baby stomach pain, and many more.

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Phone: 800-270-1974
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