Scott Aaron’s 4 Simple Keys To Properly Using LinkedIn

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Scott Aaron’s 4 Simple Keys To Properly Using LinkedIn

August 23
09:11 2021
Scott offers the simple things to do to create community, visibility and engagement using LinkedIn.

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, 3x best-selling author, top podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, building personal brands and creating income using LinkedIn.

To truly take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer, Scott mentions to make sure that his LinkedIn profile has to be fully optimized. He says to use specific keywords that relate to him, his business, and his client avatar to appear in the most beneficial searches

This is something that Scott understood, that if he wanted more speaking engagements, client acquisitions and podcast interviews, he had to have those keywords fluttered throughout his profile.

The second thing that Scott did was defining his client or business avatar. In other words, the person that is most likely to want to engage in content or the person that is most likely to purchase services that are offered.

Scott learned this very early on and realized, when you are super specific with the network that you are building, it raises the chances and ability to close more sales. Make sure the connections sent are those who could truly benefit from what is being offered and those that can make an introduction to the ideal client avatar.

The third thing that Scott says to focus on is the proper way to message a new contact. What he found is that there is a strategic and best way to message someone on LinkedIn. When sending a message make sure that it’s crafted by stating the person’s name first. Make it a relaxed and simple opening line such as, “Hey Chris. It’s great to be connected to you”.

Next, Scott says to bridge the gap between the other person and himself, stating the connecting point of why the connection was made without trying to sell them. Here is an example. “In having similar backgrounds in xyz industry, it would be great to hop on a call to learn more about what we are both doing and how we can best support one another here on LinkedIn”.

Scott finishes his message with a call to action. Always remember, that questions lead to answers and statements lead to nowhere. He would simply say, “Is there a best day, time and number to reach you on so we can connect?”

The fourth and final thing that Scott does to grow his business and income using LinkedIn, is he provides relevant, educational, and informative content. He says it’s best to provide 3 pieces of content per week. This does not matter if it’s a post, article, or video. Scott says to make sure that no selling or pitching takes place in any of the content that is put out on the platform. The network he created is looking to engage and learn from him at the very same time. The more that is given, the more that is received.

More information on Scott can be found at www.scottaaron.net.

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