HODL Inc. announces acquisition of EarnYourCrypto.com

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HODL Inc. announces acquisition of EarnYourCrypto.com

January 06
23:21 2022
The crypto world recently witnessed the acquisition of EarnYourCrypto.com by HODL Inc. at the dawn of the New Year.

Netherlands – January 06, 2022 – HODL Inc. starts the New Year  with a big announcement. The fast rising blockchain company has recently acquired promising crypto token reward portal EarnYourCrypto.com this month. While the acquisition will help HODL Inc. to expand its base and scope, the deal will also empower EarnYourCrypto.com to scale up its services.

Based on blockchain technology, EarnYourCrypto.com incentivizes users with digital currency when they complete certain tasks, like visiting websites, watching videos, and downloading apps. Thanks to its blockchain infrastructure, the platform is open to people all across the world- including those who don’t even have bank accounts.

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently acquired EarnYourCrypto.com. They share the same philosophy as we do and it feels great to have them in our family now. Our acquisition of EarnYourCrypto.com will reward us with the bustling user base of the platform which will eventually help to expand our base and empower our station in the current crypto scene”, stated Mr. HODL, the CEO of HODL Inc. 

“We are looking forward to a promising future with EarnYourCrypto.com in the coming months.”

EarnYourCrypto.com was also equally excited about the deal with HODL Inc.

“We are pleased to announce that our platform has recently been acquired by leading P2E blockchain platform HODL Inc.  The deal is extremely significant for us as it will help us to expand and leverage our standing in the market; we are extremely grateful to HODL Inc. for believing in us and for making us a part of their family. There could not be a better start to the New Year for us”, noted the leading spokesperson from EarnYourCrypto.com

All the existing users of EarnYourCrypto.com will be integrated with HODL Inc’s infrastructure in the upcoming weeks. 

Speaking on, the spokesperson shared that they are focused on their long-term goal right now and if they emerge successful, they would be able to scale up smartphones all over the world into novel avenues for work and income. 

“The blockchain technology allows creating job opportunities anywhere where you can find a phone. We believe in the same ethos and we are looking forward to realizing that futuristic vision together with HODL.”

HODL Games is soon to launch a new online crime action game in the first quarter of 2022. Titled “Gangsters.com”, the game will reward players with HODL tokens for playing the game. It is developed for the English speaking market and can be played on Android, iOS, and web.

HODL Inc. is also scheduled to come up with a cutting-edge social networking app, Telfie.com, later this year. The app will reward users with HODL tokens and NFTs for watching movies/TV series, playing games, and listening to music on its platform.

For more information visit https://hodl.inc and Medium

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