Zollar aims to empower its community around the idea of independence and power by changing the industries

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Zollar aims to empower its community around the idea of independence and power by changing the industries

January 12
23:38 2022
Zollar is the newest token that has crypto world pumped and excited. It’s a decentralized token on the BEP20 network which brings crypto innovations into Fiat-dominated industries and appeals to become the next digital dollar, the most frequently used currency.

The concept of being a Zillionaire isn’t new at all for the people who dream of directing their own life, assets and decisions. After all, the idea of being ultra rich and overcoming everyday struggles is what drives us to get up and work harder than before, but it seems that competing with the giants of finance is too hard to do alone. This is why the anonymous creator of Zollar, who goes by the name Z one, has come up with a marvelous token that aims to unite people around its community of underdogs and overtake the world by pure HODLing.

Zollar will allegedly establish its name as one of the most popular decentralized coin that promises to simplify everyone’s life – the coin will be a safe and secure method of purchase. With its astonishing plans for the future, Zollar has already captured the attention of its target audience – people who are fed up with the financial centralized institutions. It’s definitely the next big step in the world of cryptocurrencies, because no other team of creators has put this much effort into creating a free, empowered community.

The HODLers of Zollar call themselves “Z Army” and they follow 12 commandments, created by Z one. They believe that following these commandments can make anybody a part of the next generation of Zillionaires (We should add these 12 commandments as a hyperlink)

Zollar has a great set of plans for the future – Zollar plans to reform the outdated payment system by allowing its holders to use Zollar in eCommerce. With fast block times and cheap transaction costs Zollar offers a great commercial experience to each of its holders. This token aims to alter the financial side of the online gambling industry by offering various casinos to make Zollar their official currency, which means that if a person walks in a casino and hits a jackpot, they’ll get rewarded with Zollar – an innovative token with an increasing value.

As the board of directors of Zollar stated, the main purpose of this visionary token is to detach the monetary system from corruption and the political games and replace the dollar as the main currency. Zollar represents a fresh, new way of thinking about money that’s predicted to change the world forever. Its ultra modern technology meets the requirements of political neutrality and globalization – this means that Zollar promises improvements of old-fashioned financing.

By partnering up with Crypto.com and Binance, Zollar will bring a unique initiative to the crypto world – a debit card that allows people to spend their crypto anywhere, anytime. What’s important is that each of Zollar holders transactions will be totally anonymous. Zollar offers its users advanced privacy options, which are on par with the ones offered by the most reputable privacy coins on the market. At Zollar, privacy is not an option, it’s a priority. Moreover, Zollar is teaming up with various individuals who are going to make Zollar-themed NFTs and post them on NFT marketplaces. This means that Zollar plans to release a series of collectibles where each asset will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Check out Zollar’s full roadmap to get a full picture of their plans to take over the industries (A hyperlink of our roadmap here)

Pre-sales of Zollar has already begun and it’s a chance that shouldn’t be missed. Anybody who purchases this futuristic token can get 30x after listing!

It’s clear that Zollar is a great choice for people if they are searching for a stable investment or want to try their luck with crypto coins. And hey – who knows? Maybe the Zollar will be an indispensable part of modern society’s daily life. So, if there are some fearless, ambitious people reading this article who want to join Z revolution, they should take a chance, defy the enslaving modern rules and join Z army!

To connect the community, join Telegram, Twitter and Discord. See rankings at Coinscope and buy the exclusive token on CoinTool and reach the moon with Zollar because it is all set to rise.

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