Greenward: Vertical landscape design competition announced.

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Greenward: Vertical landscape design competition announced.

January 13
23:56 2022
UNI, a global network of architects and designers is organising the landscape design competition to seek ideas to reintroduce green in towering cities.

People are attracted to green spaces for spending leisure time or for recreation.

Who doesn’t love to spend time in nature? Human beings are biologically inherent to want to be closer to nature, and this need was very well-acknowledged, since the early days. The benefits of vegetation embedded in human settlements are far more than the mere desire or its aesthetic. In contemporary times, even though we are survived by several gardens built overages, the nature of our relationship with greenery has changed. We have starved ourselves for a long time, suppressing our instinct for nature with artificial habitats and short-lived solutions. But now, with this want, the concept of the garden, too, has evolved to serve its purpose in many other ways.

The burden of urbanization has reduced cities to stretches of stilted skyscrapers, where human connection is often lost. Development started moving upwards, but even so, many people are struggling to pay rent for even a suboptimal living space. The battle with density is never-ending, and it is more important now, to find a way to include green spaces in cities, for balance and well-being.

The challenge is to design a view tower with a vertical garden, providing views of the city.

The Garden by the Bay in Singapore is a unique project that incorporates greenery in contemporary urban settings.


Concept – The inspiration of ‘green’ design can be borrowed from nature or any other source, with a conscious selection of material and technology

Landmark – the tower will create a visual impact and inspire the adoption of green movement strategies into urban settings.

Sustainability – reduce the negative impact of design on the environment, by improving building performance, reducing waste, and ensuring comfort for occupants

Context – the design must respond to the (existing) site conditions. The wider socio-cultural, economic, and environmental settings are to be considered in the design approach.

Balance – the aesthetic and functionality of the tower will be equally important

Cities are bustling neighbourhood and the intervention of greenery has the ability to deliver peace and calm to the working people

The competition is open for candidates from all around the world with 31 January 2022 being the last day to register. Organizers want participants to break the monotony of urbanity with fresh and vibrant green elements, incorporated in the superstructure, to make up for the green space that could have been on the land.

A prize pool of 24000 USD is to be won! 

For complete information on active prizes and details regarding the entry fee, please visit the Awards & Fees section of the competition. Learn more about this competition here, for more such competitions CLICK HERE.

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