Home Service Direct Introduces Retargeting Ads to Help Tree Companies Reach More Customers

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Home Service Direct Introduces Retargeting Ads to Help Tree Companies Reach More Customers

June 22
00:47 2022

Huntington Beach, California – After testing the tree service industry and realizing that most property owners take a few days to a few weeks before hiring a tree service provider, Home Service Direct has decided to introduce Retargeting Ads. The Retargeting Ads will keep a tree care company in front of the tree owners until they make the last decision in their hiring process.

When a tree owner first decides to improve his/her trees,” said the Home Service Direct CEO, “he/she will go online to hunt for the best tree service providers. With Google coughing up numerous results with each search – and the homeowners taking several days before making their decision – it is easy for potential customers to forget about a specific tree service provider by the time they make their final decision.”

Home Service Direct’s search engine optimization is aimed at making tree care companies discoverable on the search engines,” added the Home Service Direct CEO. “However, 97% of the people who visit a company’s website for the first time tend to leave without booking service. When they leave, these potential clients are lost forever. To avoid losing these tree owners forever, the tree service company has to figure out how to bring them back.”

The goal of the retargeting ads is to keep reminding the potential client about the tree service company even after he or she leaves the company’s website,” added the CEO. “The fact that he/she had clicked on the company’s website is enough evidence that he/she may want tree care procedures in the future. By displaying relevant ads on the news websites – and social media sites – that the homeowner visits in his or her free time, Home Service Direct will remind him/her to come back to your website and give your company a call.”

To see how Home Service Direct helped a tree care company generate new leads, read this story:



Home Service Direct notes that the Retargeting Ads service will give tree care companies the freedom to choose a variety of ways to segment potential customers based on their behavior or traits and then target them accordingly. The company notes that this will help the tree care companies create a relevant advertising experience that will help the company’s conversion rate go through the roof.

Home Service Direct considers people who visit a company’s website window shoppers,” said the Home Service Direct CEO. “They are looking at the goodies that your tree service company offers so that they can come back when they are ready to buy. Retargeting Ads lead to a higher conversion as it keeps the tree care company front, right, left, and center, reminding the potential customer that any time he/she is ready to order, the best place to order is at your company.”

Home Service Direct notes that the Retargeting Ads service will work well when combined with the other internet marketing options offered by the agency.

A good website will be an important tool for people who wish to take advantage of the Retargeting Ads,” said the Home Service Direct CEO. “If a company’s website is a mess, you can be sure that even the retargeting ads may fail to make the potential customers come back. Home Service Direct helps tree service companies design converting websites – these websites prove why a company is better than a competitor. The websites also make it much easier for the customer to send an email or call. When the retargeting ads bring the customer back to the company’s website, booking their service takes seconds – this is something that busy homeowners enjoy.”

Home Service Direct notes that the Retargeting Ads service will be very affordable. The marketing agency plans to make the service accessible to every tree care company.

Home Service Direct base of operation is located at 20122 Bayfront Ln #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States. The company, however, can be contacted by dialing +1 714-243-8790 or sending an email to [email protected]

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