Erin & Sarit Transforming Bodies & Changing Lives

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Erin & Sarit Transforming Bodies & Changing Lives

July 28
12:18 2022
Erin & Sarit have spent the last decade focused on helping women achieve genuine confidence and happiness through weight loss with their groundbreaking and simple strategies.


Worldwide, about 42 percent of adults are trying to lose weight, and 23 percent are trying to maintain their weight, according to a January 2017 study in Obesity Reviews

Of the people who are trying to lose or maintain their weight:

–  20.4% count calories
–  15.9% eat diet foods or use diet products
–  12.4% track their food intake and physical activity levels
–  11.9% follow a specific diet or a fad diet
–  9.7% use meal replacements

“The problem is not that we don’t KNOW what to eat or that we need to exercise… The problem is that nobody teaches you how to do it with all of the other things you have going on or how to overcome the unexpected obstacles that life constantly throws at you.” said Erin.

Erin & Sarit are professional weight loss, health, and lifestyle habit coaches, as well as the founders of the E&S Army, the most amazingly supportive and motivational community whose goal is to edify as many people about the importance of healthy, sustainable weight loss, self-confidence, and overall better quality of life.

–  They do NOT focus on calorie counting or weighing / measuring food.
–  Women are able to lose weight without having to cut all their carbs, spend hours upon hours in the gym, or be miserable in any other way.
–  They are all virtual with various fitness programs, nutrition coaching, and healthy lifestyle habit development.
–  Client results are sustainable by the simple approaches they use.

Their company offers a variety of free programs, interactive & addicting workout programs, as well as both individual and group mentorship programs. According to Erin and Sarit, these programs were purposefully designed to be simple to follow, yet effective at losing weight, building muscles, improving endurance, and achieving a healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

Erin & Sarit have also introduced an array of custom recipes to complement their training programs. According to them, the combination of hearty, nutrition-packed meals and high-intensity workouts is a fool-proof method to attain consistent results. 

At such young ages, these amazing women have already helped thousands of clients lose weight and release the fear of gaining it back. Their entertaining & regimented workout programs are the first that many women say they’ve been able to stick to all the way through for the first time in years of failed attempts. Tara Leeking, one of the long-standing followers of Erin & Sarit’s programs and services, imparted that both women have been instrumental in her self-transformation, stating:

“Erin and Sarit are the real deal. They are raw and real while being encouraging and inspiring. The programs I have done are amazing and worth every second and penny. The information they provide is invaluable and their coaching staff is phenomenal. I have seen so many changes in my body, mindset, and lifestyle. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a life transformation to check these badasses out! My life, and the lives of those closest to me, have been changed forever,” said Tara Leeking. 

Erin & Sarit are very vocal about everyone being welcome in their virtual fitness studio, regardless of age, physique, and walk of life. The company’s shop features a host of custom workout gear, inspired by the designs Erin & Sarit are using personally and designed to empower people with premium comfort, unparalleled fit, and regal style.

More information about Erin & Sarit’s programs and services is available on the company’s official website.

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