Huaide Gao Takes His Right To Criticism In His New Book

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Huaide Gao Takes His Right To Criticism In His New Book

September 20
06:34 2022
Huaide Gao Takes His Right To Criticism In His New Book

Do you ever feel like your country is governed by an authoritarian rule and the citizens’ work too hard to achieve a stable social status? Even though they work day and night, the hierarchal system does not seem to collapse, and people are stuck in the same generational curse of poverty and richness. Well, this is the system that seems to exist in China.

The common man does not have enough power to change what is happening in the country and is left with minor immunities. However, the rich and leading authorities have immense control over what goes on in the country, and the government has a centralized ruling system.

Comparison Of Real Chinese Culture And American Culture has really taken a new twist when it comes to criticism. Not only has Huaide Gao been able to highlight the flaws that exist in the system, but he has also made a comparison with one of the freest countries in the world.

In the book, the author takes 24 traditional cultures which exist in China and then gives an alternative comparison from the American culture. It states how America has given the people democratic control and is not left with an authoritarian government that leads the country in the way they please.

The author aims to bring out the truth and wishes to help people improve their own lives while living in the country. He also mentions that China is being led to a better state where the people have options of strengthening their social system and might finally break out of the mobile hierarchy system.

China’s democratization is a historical inevitability. It is just a matter of when and how to transform. In order to achieve democratization as soon as possible and in a short period, the joint efforts of people are still required.

“You can destroy flowers, but you cannot stop spring from coming.”

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