Lasto Foods introduces new Nut Butters in convenient squeezable bottles

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Lasto Foods introduces new Nut Butters in convenient squeezable bottles

September 21
13:42 2022
“The World’s silkiest nut butters in squeezable bottles.”

Nut butters have become the perfect ‘seasoning’ for most snacks. They are a healthy option for health-conscious people and the ideal addition to most snacks. Naturally, this has led to a growing need and popularity of nut butter. Lasto Foods is responding to an increasing appetite for nut butter with its new line of squeezable nut butter, perfect for every occasion.

Lasto Foods’ squeezable nut butters feature a variety of unique and innovative natural nut butter for whole family use. Lasto Foods delivers the finest nut butter recipes in the market, offered in convenient packaging.

The company also introduces a range of options for their natural nut butter selections. They feature the unique texture of nut butter with no additives, no added oils, and no chemicals. “We use 100% natural ingredients crafted with love.”

Lasto Foods highlights, “we naturally maximize the food’s properties; that’s why all of our products are made without any type of added oils.”

Delivering the freshest squeezable nut butters on the market, Lasto Foods introduces people to nut butter options they haven’t previously experienced. Besides natural peanut butter, Lasto Foods has also created Almond butter in natural cinnamon and matcha flavors. All Lasto Foods products are created with the freshest ingredients with no added sugars. “Our nut butters are free from artificial and natural sweeteners to make the product as versatile as possible. We like to say that we leave the sweetness up to you!”

The Squeezable nut butter is ready to serve, and the convenient packaging maximizes the user experience, ensuring that people get every last drop of the delicious nut butter. The squeezable nut butters are a great hit with not just adults but also kids, helping parents introduce their kids to healthy and fun snacking with delicious nut butter.

With a growing list of uses for nut butter, Lasto Foods explains that its nut butter lasts between 6-8 months when opened, and an unopened bottle is good for a year. The nut butter preserves its taste, color, aromas, and quality in this period.

What sets these squeezable nut butter apart is that they are specially created with a unique texture and convenient packaging, making them easy to use. Lasto Foods avails the nut butter recipes on its website, allowing people to see all the ingredients and the creative process for each of their nut butter varieties.

Lasto Foods nut butter also recommends but does not require refrigeration. The company recommends that the nut butter bottles be stored at room temperature in a dry, dark, and cool place or in the fridge. “If you want to extend the shelf life and you like thicker texture, you can put it in the fridge, it will not affect the taste of the nut butter. But it will do just fine leaving them at a cool, dark and dry place.”

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